Analytics & AI

Drive quality & deeper customer insight

Build your brand experience on a foundation of data intelligence

Harness the value of your customer experience data from across every conversation throughout your customers’ journeys. Predict customer needs and personalize your brand experience, all while gathering data insights to adapt your CX transformation and delivering success where it matters most for your customers.

Enterprise analytics & data-driven AI

You have lots of data at your fingertips. Foundever connects the dots between structured and unstructured data sources to deliver a secure, enterprise analytics solution. These solutions deliver measurable operational value, customer insights which enable smarter decision-making and cost efficiencies within your quality assurance program.

“Foundever has emerged as a top Leader in this quadrant for another consecutive year. The company offers extensive, sophisticated analytics and AI to clients and demonstrates customer successes through case studies.”

Namratha Dharshan

ISG Provider Lens, 2022 – Contact Center, Customer Experience Services (AI & Analytics Quadrant Report)

Interaction Analytics

Create efficiencies by listening to and analyzing contacts with natural language processing (NLP) to uncover meaningful insights and serve up the most appropriate information during real-time conversation. As a result, agents are more productive and better able to respond to customers’ needs, increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Monitor 100% of customer interactions for a more complete picture of your customers’ experience
  • Reduce costs with automation of your quality and customer experience program
  • Access customer data in real time to drive performance and personalization

Advanced Analytics

Discover deeper insights, make predictions or generate recommendations through autonomous or semi-autonomous analysis of data or content. Move beyond traditional business intelligence (BI) approaches with sophisticated data science techniques and tools to proactively respond to customer needs, prevent future issues and identify priority focus areas for your brand.

  • Enhance your data strategy with data enablement services and cloud data management
  • Predict future behavior to enable proactive response to customers, employees and business demands
  • Reduce fraud, drive revenue growth opportunities and differentiate your brand experience

“We’ve been strategic partners for many years – collaborating on new product and service roadmaps and key deals – to deliver value to our joint customers. Co-creating many product enhancements, we’ve increased performance from conversation analytics by 15% and customer utilization by 21%.

Foundever™ understands the power of the CallMiner platform to turn data into action, and our partnership has been a true competitive differentiator.”

Jeff Gallino

Founder & Chief Technology Officer, CallMiner

Why Foundever™

Sharing our global experience

Connecting insights from +9 million customer conversations each day enables us to test and learn, creating global best practices to enhance your analytics and AI programs.

An approach focused uniquely on your needs

With analytics programs adapted to the specific needs of your customers, your brand and your industry, our analytics playbooks help you to deliver faster results and more meaningful customer insights.

Combining technical expertise & operational know-how

Depth of knowledge with the leading analytics and AI platforms, combined with +40 years of experience in CX, ensures your insight programs are operationally proven and focus where it matters most.

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