Contact center as a service (CCaaS)

Empower your agents and scale to demand with an all-in-one cloud contact center solution

How does Foundever™ contact center as a service enhance agent and customer experience?

By integrating diverse communication channels — including phone, email, chat, text and social media — into a unified platform, Foundever™ contact center as a service ensures a seamless and consistent experience across all touchpoints. Equipped with a comprehensive set of features, agents can effectively manage customer interactions, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

With Foundever CCaaS, businesses can unlock a new era of customer engagement, fostering stronger relationships and driving long-term loyalty.

Agents in a contact center.

How it works

Tech that disrupts the market but not your organization

Enhance the flexibility and scalability of your contact center technology stack, from telephony to intelligent automation, video calls to IVR.

Innovation that returns time and money

Take the hardware and budgetary headaches out of changes in strategy and demand with cloud capacity that scales to usage requirements.

A secure, resilient and compliant cloud-based solution

Prioritize service continuity with cloud architecture that integrates applications easily and avoids unexpected interruptions or data losses and adheres to the highest security standards.

Maximize collaboration between applications, teams and functions

Equip your organization for shifts in strategy and policy that embrace a global customer base and distributed workforce by integrating applications seamlessly.

Evolve from a cost center to a value driver

Scale simply and efficiently, closely matching capability and expenditure to usage and demand while reducing maintenance, installation and total ownership costs.

What features does our cloud-based contact center as a service platform offer for customer interaction?

While our experts provide seamless setup and ongoing management designed for and aligned to best practices, your team is free to focus on delivering business results using a suite of advanced features.

Automatic call distribution

Recognize answers and route incoming calls to the right agent, at the right time, regardless of location.

Call disposition

Know call outcomes and improve operations with a predefined shortlist that simplifies after-call work and cuts wrap-up times.

CTI screen pop

Provide agents with the information they need for faster, more personal communication.

Call recording

Improve service quality across the team and help everyone perform with perfect pitch.

Intelligent IVR

Optimize customer interaction with custom call flows that route to the right agent.


Smooth out spikes in call volume to minimize call abandonment and improve customer convenience through in-queue virtual hold and scheduled callback.

Auto dialers

Use dialer-based appointments, status updates, alerts and announcements to keep customers up-to-date and engaged with your brand.

CRM integration

Unlock the power of a connected business by easily integrating telephony with your CRM/CEM and other applications.

Voice calls

Power up your sales and service by building a better sense of trust, understanding and human connection.

Book a meeting to get started

Speak to an expert to find out how CCaaS can help you scale and transform your customer experience.


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