Generative AI for
customer service

How does generative AI for customer service benefit your CX strategy?

Generative AI offers significant benefits for customer service with its 24/7 availability, scalability and rapid issue resolution. It ensures prompt responses to inquiries, adjusts seamlessly to varying volumes without extra staffing and maintains service quality during peak demand.

By swiftly analyzing data, GenAI identifies customer needs and provides solutions efficiently, automating tasks to reduce costs while upholding service quality. Additionally, it enhances human agents’ productivity with real-time support and insights.

A picture of a contact center agent, created using Generative AI.

How we help

As a recognized global leader in CX, we’re helping brands build CX solutions that realize the opportunities offered by generative AI. We integrate the best of both technology and people to deliver effective and remarkable customer experiences.

When it comes to your next digital transformation, the most successful solution needs to be fully woven into your CX strategy across use cases — connecting digital tools and operational processes with conversational design and human talent.

Automate CX conversations

Facilitate more engaging and empathetic customer conversations via automation with GenAI and ensure scalable 24/7 customer support and quicker query resolutions.

Assist and augment human agents

Provide real-time information and suggestions during customer interactions with GenAI assistants and support agents in delivering improved accuracy and enhanced customer experiences.

Improve team productivity

Empower teams with GenAI tools to take care of routine and repetitive tasks and help them to concentrate on the most valuable aspects of customer support, improving overall productivity and effectiveness.

Enhance data insights and customer journeys

Collect and analyze customer interaction data more effectively with GenAI, gaining invaluable insights to refine and personalize customer journeys for better engagement and satisfaction.

Accelerate coaching and training

Quickly identify coaching needs and generate customized automated development and training plans for each agent, based on tenure, trend analysis and KPI performance.

Scale multilingual support

Automate up to 4,000 languages and dialects with the latest generative AI models available open source or through enterprise APIs across any channel.

“In the realm of customer experience, Foundever has distinguished itself with well-defined end-to-end CX capabilities. Foundever’s robust suite of AI and analytics solutions and their proficiency in leveraging them have redefined the customer experience, delivering tangible outcomes to clients. In Intelligent CX (AI & Analytics), Foundever has conquered this space with its highly differentiated offerings, but more importantly, because of its proven expertise provided at scale.”

Namratha Dharshan

Chief Business Leader and Principal Analyst, ISG
ISG Provider Lens™ 2023 Customer Experience Services

Copilot GenAI model

In this model, your CX team is equipped with GenAI tools that enhance productivity, accuracy and overall performance. These tools offer proactive insights and recommendations, automate repetitive tasks and simplify interactions across various platforms. Generative AI extends the effectiveness and capacity of human agents, empowering them to deliver exceptional customer service.

Fully automated AI model

GenAI for customer service integrates seamlessly into existing AI ecosystems

We bring together our proprietary tech with the best-in-class tools in the market to deliver AI solutions that really make a difference.

GenAI for customer service integrates seamlessly into existing AI ecosystems

We bring together our proprietary tech with the best-in-class tools in the market to deliver AI solutions that really make a difference.

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