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#6 | | Everest Group BPS Top 50™

The Everest Group BPS Top 50is a global list of the 50 largest third-party providers, based on their Business Process Services (BPS) revenues and year-on-year growth. BPS is also referred to as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). First released in 2015, Everest Group publishes this list every year.

People & community

Best Employer Brand 2024

Foundever was awarded the Philippines’ Best Employer Brand 2024 at The Philippines’ Leadership Awards 2024 presented by the and the World Human Resource Development Congress.

Performance & solutions

CallMiner’s Partner of the Year

Foundever has been named Partner of the Year by CallMiner, the leading provider of conversation intelligence, at the LISTEN UK 2024 Awards. The winners of the LISTEN UK 2024 Awards were revealed during CallMiner’s annual international customer conference, held June 3-4 in Manchester, UK, which brings together top organizations using and benefiting from speech, text and customer experience analytics. Foundever was selected for the award of Partner of the Year due to its outstanding use of CallMiner’s platform for quality automation and deliverables of insights such as average handle time (AHT) reduction, risk avoidance, call deflection and automatic survey categorization. Foundever was awarded BPO Partner of the Year in 2021 and 2022 by CallMiner as well.

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Gold & Bronze – Smart Customer Awards

Foundever was awarded two awards at the 2024 Smart Customer Awards in Brazil. Foundever was recognized in the categories of “Customer Experience Automation” and “Training and Empowerment,” securing Gold and Bronze, respectively. The Smart Customer Award recognizes business practices that offer the best experiences for customers and employees. With 164 projects submitted, this year’s edition was the most competitive in the award’s history. In the “Customer Experience Automation” category, Foundever won Gold with an innovative solution that transformed customer interactions for Brother by creating the chatbot Theo, which provides quick and personalized responses, significantly boosting customer satisfaction. In the “Training and Empowerment” category, Foundever received the Bronze award for its Learning Bots solution. This recognition is a result of developing learning bots that enhance employee training, making it more efficient and dynamic. The initiative not only improves the competence of professionals but also contributes to a more qualified and effective experience for both customers and service agents.

People & community

Company for Regional Development of the Year

Foundever in the Philippines received the award for Company for Regional Development of the Year at the Solaia: IT-BPM Awards 2024 hosted by the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). The Solaia: IT-BPM Awards celebrates the exemplary performance of companies and individuals in the Philippine IT-BPM sector, acknowledging their contributions in areas such as regional development, innovation and fostering positive workplace environments.

People & community

Best Company Leadership

Foundever has once again been recognized for its leadership teams, after previous successes in 2022 and 2023. This was sentiment feedback on how employees rated their CEOs, leadership teams and direct managers. Comparably’s annual list of Best Leadership Teams is based on millions of anonymous sentiment ratings from employees who submitted feedback over the past year on their CEOs, executive leadership, and direct managers. The top ranked list is segmented by Large companies (more than 500 employees) and Small/Mid-size companies (up to 500 employees).

People & community

Best Company Career Growth

For the second year in a row, Foundever has been honored with the award for Best Global Culture, ranking #15 in the list of 100. This recognition reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration, creating a workplace where every individual can thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

People & community

2024 Companies of Excellence in Portugal

Foundever in Portugal has been recognized with the stamp 2024 Companies of Excellence to work for in Portugal, from Revista Human (Human Magazine). The magazine annually selects a few companies to tell their stories in people management, showing the most prominent practices, and the examples of excellence in people management in Portugal.

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Fortress Cyber Security Award – Threat Detection

Foundever has been named a winner in the prestigious 2024 Fortress Cybersecurity Award presented by the Business Intelligence Group (BIG). This is the third time Foundever has been named a winner of the Fortress Cyber Security award. In a world facing a growing threat landscape, the Business Intelligence Group honors the industry’s leading individuals, companies and products that are at the forefront of safeguarding our data and digital assets. Winners are selected based on their dedication to developing solutions, raising awareness, and defending against the growing threat of cyberattacks. Foundever was recognized in the Leadership Awards, highlighting individual excellence in cybersecurity, in the Threat Detection category.