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Elevate your growth strategy

Deliver growth through deeper customer connections

Combine a fully omnichannel approach to customer sales and retention to turn every customer conversation into an opportunity to build brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.


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How it works

With customer success top of mind, we attract, train, coach and motivate top talent with the tools for the best sales results, whether communicating directly to customers, or in a business-to-business model.

Growth in any channel

Implement successful sales and retention programs across your omnichannel strategy, whether voice or chat, or supported by intelligent sales bots for efficient and scalable results.

Adapted to your needs

Inbound or outbound, supporting both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) programs for all major verticals, you can ensure your sales and retention programs deliver sustainable growth while staying compliant with the regulatory demands of your industry.

Scale as your sales strategy demands

Attract, hire and train the best sales talent to respond to the needs of your sales program with onboarding processes proven to reduce the learning curve to proficiency.

Data to drive compliant growth

Harness insightful data to support customer segmentation, enhance skills and bring clarity to key performance metrics. This data includes the best time to call and customer personas to drive conversion, retention rates and mitigate fraud risk.

Why Foundever™

Combine engagement, scalability and performance, wherever your teams are connected.

Global sales expertise and processes

Foundever combines proven sales practices and fully customizable training modules available in multiple languages to support and guide sales talent at every stage of the customer journey.

Data intelligence to grow your sales program

With Foundever leadership in AI and Analytics, our ability to understand your customers and their behaviors gives you the insight to develop and grow your revenue. Powered by predictive insights, our sales and customer retention programs help you increase your customers’ lifetime value.

Equipping teams with the tools for success

Drive conversion and revenue growth by equipping your sales and retention teams with Foundever solutions. Our offering includes a unified agent desktop platform to ensure your sales and retention teams have the customer data they need to deliver, through AI-enabled agent assist technology to recommend the next-best action.

Cultural affinity ensures connection in every conversation

The Foundever targeted recruitment processes in every region ensure your sales programs are supported by teams with the skills to succeed and the cultural affinity to connect with your customers in the languages you need.

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