Experience orchestration

Deliver frictionless CX with powerful orchestration & automation

Provide a consistent customer experience with relevance

Design connected and effortless experiences for both customers and agents. Lower error rates, reduce handling time, save costs and increase customer satisfaction by reducing the number of actions an agent makes before, during and after a conversation with automation.

Orchestrate every customer contact to deliver a connected CX

Foundever helps you orchestrate all customer contacts in one place – automating service requests immediately or enabling live agents to resolve cases with all the relevant information. Our solution integrates with the right systems to harness connected data and ensure your agents are responding proactively to your customers.

Intelligent Automation

Speed up performance and accuracy, elevate CX and EX, accelerate the scale of automation. Intelligent Automation creates an end-to-end ecosystem of fast, effective automated processes that eliminate bottlenecks and unlock increasingly efficient workflows.

  • Boost productivity by eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Reduce handling time and enable agents to focus on delivering empathetic CX
  • Save thousands of hours in operations by accelerating task completion

Case Management

Empower your agents to quickly and effectively assist customers while staying updated on all case activity, including access to necessary information and solutions. Integrate with existing technology and provide your agents with the relevant information to deliver exceptional experience.

Build closer connections with your customers by engaging in a continuous conversation regardless of the channel. Deliver an ongoing conversational experience that allows your customers to drop off and come back at their own pace and convenience.

  • Distribute support cases to agents with the right skills
  • Steer operations with end-to-end oversight
  • Decrease effort with intelligent routing and workflow automation

Why Foundever™

An approach focused uniquely on your needs

Based on field observation, our solutions are designed to meet the challenges of your operational teams and the expectations of your customers.

An organization with +40 years of experience in the CX industry

Our experts design a CX roadmap built with you, starting from your technological environment and your KPIs, with clear and measurable success criteria.

Combining innovation & operations

Aligned with your organization, culture, values and operational model, our innovations offer a holistic approach that match your business challenges.

Book a meeting with our experts

Discover how you can orchestrate the full customer experience by consolidating series of customer conversations and journeys with the right tools and approach.


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