CX in the travel & hospitality industry

Service has always been the centerpiece of the travel and hospitality industry. As the demands of travelers continue to increase, it’s more important than ever to meet them wherever they are.

From the moment your guests start planning their trip until they share the highlights on social media, we’re right there with you, making sure the experience is exceptional. Flexible solutions from Foundever™ will simplify the delivery of your CX services and build customer trust and loyalty.


of consumers purchase based on CX


of hotel bookings have no human interaction


of mobile hotel bookings occur 24 hours before check-in


of consumers rate CX as the most important purchase decision factor

The customer journey

Navigating the customer landscape


of travelers share pictures and reviews every step of their journey

Connecting the dots between CX and the customer journey

There are many reasons and ways travelers can interact and engage with your brand —  a sales-related phone call, a marketing email or a customer comment on social media. Each need, goal and expectation of your brand is different but equally important.

These moments along the customer journey are opportunities for your brand to attract and impress your customers. And the way you communicate with travelers will always directly impact CX. With Foundever™, the customer journey begins and ends with your brand.

How we help

  • Unique travel industry playbooks, ensuring our solutions deliver for your brand from day one
  • Monitor 100% of interactions across +60 languages to deliver more insights
  • Data-driven CX roadmaps from the journey to the destination deliver measurable results

Connecting the customer experience


of consumers would quit a brand following a poor CX

Deliver what your customers need and want

The travel and hospitality customer profile is as diverse as it is dynamic. In a highly connected industry, you’re relying on multiple players to create multiple experiences. Incidents along the way may have a negative impact — a bad experience on a flight could impact an otherwise positive hotel stay.

Analyzing customer data from all customer interactions will help you better understand your customers, improve customer experiences and drive loyalty. We understand what your customers value and build experiences that create opportunities for you and your customers.

How we help

  • Forward-thinking CX performance strategy drives customer satisfaction
  • Innovative analytics, including voice of the customer programs, improve performance
  • A people-centric approach builds customer loyalty and brand awareness

The digital CX destination


of consumers prefer to resolve issues themselves

Drive customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs

Travel leaders agree that digital transformation is a strategic priority, especially to keep up with travelers’ demands.

Foundever™ identifies and develops solutions tailored to your unique needs. As experienced leaders in AI, analytics and automation, we take a digital-first approach to CX design and deliver more meaningful conversations and connections.

How we help

  • Innovative AI-assisted solutions
  • Digital toolkit using AI, analytics and automation, including digital assistants and self-service
  • Strategic and unified omnichannel engagement and management

Related Certifications

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27002:2013
SOC Type 1 and SOC Type 2

We deliver 9 million amazing customer experiences every day

Give your customer journey an upgrade. Offer travelers VIP-level support that makes every trip one to write home about. Our teams provide personalized experiences from planning to post-travel stages that increase booking values, resolution rates and customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.


travel and hospitality brands supported


languages supported

CX insights

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Types of services or lines of business

Clients supported

  • Airlines
  • Cruises
  • Car rental
  • Hotels
  • Online travel agencies
  • Rental lodging websites
  • Vacation packages
  • Gaming and casino
  • Membership services
  • Airport services

Front office

  • Customer service
  • Booking and reservations
  • Travel timetables
  • Route information
  • Corporate travel account management

Back office

  • Ticketing services
  • Web user support
  • Specialist reservations
  • Fulfillment and brochure handling
  • Confirmations
  • Cancellations
  • Itinerary changes
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Trip packages