Omnichannel CX

Expertise, technology & people to help you deliver an effortless CX

Meet your customers where they are

Design and deliver seamless customer journeys that drive personalized experiences and increase brand loyalty. Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and meet them on their preferred channel quickly and efficiently with speed and scale.

Omnichannel CX by design

Foundever helps you build the workforce, platform, and deliver an omnichannel experience through a single pane of glass with the required capabilities to improve customer satisfaction, employee experience and revenue growth.

Cloud Telephony

Scale to demand with a cloud telephony platform that uses available resources most effectively to unlock operational scalability, flexibility, ease of integration and superior cost control so you can shape and adapt your voice services to meet demand and expectation.

  • Eliminate communication silos by scaling your customer communications network
  • Build a secure, resilient and compliant cloud-based voice solution
  • Reduce costs to precisely match usage

Messaging Platform

Build closer connections with your customers by engaging in a continuous conversation regardless of the channel. Deliver an ongoing conversational experience that allows your customers to drop off and come back at their own pace and convenience.

  • Shift from reactive to proactive customer service
  • Maintain a continuous conversation across channels
  • Leverage Conversational AI to provide speedy resolution and reduce agent effort


Help your customers help themselves with well-designed self-service solutions that accelerate resolution times while reducing the workload on your teams. Deliver highly effective service by pushing relevant information and timely answers to your customers where they need them.

  • Immediately respond to your customer via an always available, 24/7 channel
  • Develop interactive self-service content to create a frictionless experience
  • Reduce the costs of live interactions with Conversational AI

Smart Routing

Bring all your communication channels into one environment, allowing you to track, monitor, and resolve cases through one unified platform. Route inquiries to agents with the right skills, reducing handling time, saving costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Design fully customizable rules and automated workflows
  • Reduce complexity and speed up resolution for voice, email, chat, and social media
  • Optimize collaboration and communication, while significantly reducing expenses

Unified Agent Desktop

Built for CX operations by operational experts, the Unified Agent Desktop simplifies processes and connect tools and customer data so your agents can focus on maximizing satisfaction and ensuring customer lifetime value is realized in every conversation.

  • Bring data and channels under one easy-to-use desktop interface
  • Integrate your agent desktop effortlessly with best-of-breed technologies
  • Save costs by reducing the number of tools used

Why Foundever™

An approach focused uniquely on your needs

Based on field observation, our solutions are designed to meet the challenges of your operational teams and the expectations of your customers

An organization with +40 years of expertise in the CX industry

Our experts design a CX roadmap built with you, starting from your technological environment and your KPIs, with clear and measurable success criteria.

Combining innovations & operations

Aligned with your organization, culture, values and operational model, our innovations offer a holistic approach that match your business challenges.

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