Customer messaging platform

Engage in a continuous conversation regardless of the channel

Build closer connections

The Foundever Messaging platform offers personalized support to your customers through their preferred messaging apps using chatbots or human agents.

Speed up response and reduce resolution times by weaving interactions from messaging apps into a continuous conversation.


improved productivity


reduced handling time


customer retention

How it works

Shift from reactive to proactive customer service

Reduce inbound call volume and replace your contact forms with conversational messaging to provide customers with the fast, personal support they deserve.

Implement an AI-powered approach

Identify consumer intent and include chatbots in the conversation to automate routine requests, reduce agent effort and provide speedy resolution.

Respond with relevance

Access to a 360° customer view allows your agents to send messages while quickly accessing the necessary information to assist customers.

Ensure continuous conversation across channels

Maintain a continuous conversation with the customer, even when the journey has several touchpoints managed by different teams.

Evolve from a cost center to a value driver

Scale to fit your business needs through quick deployment and effortless integrations.

“We work with a lot of solutions and a lot of tools. With Foundever, we have the ability to converge all these tools and channels into one single platform and get to know our customers better.”

Michel Lopes

Operations Lab And Digital Innovation Manager, Direct Assurance (AXA)

Exceed customer expectations with a unified messaging platform


Provide more personalized conversations and make agents more effective by using contextual data to engage with the customer at the appropriate time.

Multilingual support

Scale your support team globally by providing customized workspaces for your agents with the ability to support multiple languages.

Concurrent chats

Agents can manage several conversations at the same time and activate one or more channels according to their level of experience and expertise.


Channels are under control with SLA driving workflows, the duration of the conversation, the number of interactions to resolve the inquiry and AHT measured.

Intelligent routing

Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that messages are delivered in a timely and reliable manner to a chatbot or agent with the appropriate skills.

Multichannel deployment

Activate the conversational channels you need:

  • WhatsApp for Business
  • Messenger
  • Proactive SMS
  • Chat & in-app chat
  • Video chat
  • Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
  • And more

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See how our messaging platform can help you transform your customer service from a cost center to a value driver.


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