Artificial intelligence (AI)

Intelligent CX solutions for efficiency and experience at scale

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has continued to evolve while remaining at the heart of digital transformation projects for more than a decade. More than a standalone solution, AI is woven into many tools and processes across both the customer and employee journey. But where can AI deliver the most value, how does it fit with your existing model and how can you keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology? 

Transform conversations with intelligent digital solutions 

Scale the impact of your team by connecting AI-powered solutions across your CX strategy. From better equipped teams backed by AI simulations, coaching and real-time agent assist tools, to conversational AI bots to support and guide your customers on their journey – Increase availability, customer experience and quality while reducing operating costs and refocus your human talent where it matters most. 

Integrate leading AI technologies in the moments that matter

At Foundever, we know that your business is unique, and your AI strategy and the technologies you use should be tailored specifically to meet your business goals. That’s why our expert teams work closely with you to identify the right technologies for your business. We partner with leading AI companies and evaluate their solutions to ensure that we bring you the best possible options.

Generative AI

Integrate the most advanced generative AI (GenAI) capabilities into your customer experience (CX) strategy and deliver unprecedented levels of productivity and performance, reducing repetitive tasks while delivering a more natural, conversational experience. 

  • Empower human talent with GenAI assistants to improve accuracy and performance
  • Scale your customer support with fully automated AI agents able to connect with customers in seamless conversations 
  • Optimize insights from customer interaction data with GenAI to more effectively refine and personalize customer journeys

Conversational AI

Solve your main contact reasons using conversational AI technologies – From chatbots and voicebots to intelligent IVRs – to engage your customers on the digital channels of their choice, increasing customer satisfaction and achieving improved call deflection rates.

  • Design engaging, personalized conversations that delight customers
  • Reduce call volumes and costs by assisting customers online 24/7
  • Automate simple and complex repetitive tasks to create scalable support that improves over time

Why Foundever™

As a global leader creating innovative and digital solutions for +750 brands across all major verticals, Foundever integrates proven AI capabilities within transformational CX solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale. 

A global innovation lab for AI

Data is the fuel that drives the best AI solutions. Connecting insights from +9 million customer conversations each day enables us to test and learn, creating global best practices to enhance your transformational AI programs. 

Global expertise and R&D resources 

At Foundever, we bring together operational teams, digital design experts and a strong R&D software organization with +700 experienced engineers, skilled in cross-functional fields including data science and open-source technology. 

GenAI tools are part of our standard 

With internal GenAI tools supporting +170,000 associates at Foundever, the latest technology is a part of how we work in every function – accelerating productivity at scale wherever we deliver support. 

Experience at the heart of transformation 

Foundever brings together GenAI with industry-specific expertise, operational know-how and a customer-centric focus to create experiences for your customers that are seamless, conversational and that make a difference in the moments that matter.  

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