Self-service solutions

Enable customers to effortlessly self-serve and resolve inquiries, 24/7

Help customers help themselves on any digital channel

Deliver frictionless a self-service CX that quickly provides customers with the support they need, when they need it, without agent intervention. Engage customers on the channels they prefer with the right tools and AI-assisted technology, reducing the need for agent intervention, driving down costs and customer effort and improving operational efficiency.

Deliver optimal self-service omnichannel customer experiences

Foundever provides tailor-made, end-to-end self-service solutions that accelerate handling times while reducing the workload on your teams. Deliver highly effective service by providing the information customers need when they need it, on the digital channels they prefer.

Self-service Content

Help end users quickly resolve their support queries online with self-service content such as step-by-step guides, instructions and other interactive support tools that are easy to find, produce at scale and implement on any digital channel.

  • Save costs by reducing call volumes and improving self-service rates
  • Optimize customer contact by lowering your average handle time (AHT)
  • Decrease customer churn by lowering your Customer Effort Score (CES)

Conversational AI

Solve your main contact reasons using advanced conversational AI technologies to engage your customers on the digital channels of their choice, increasing customer satisfaction and achieving improved call deflection rates.

  • Design engaging, personalized conversations that delight customers
  • Reduce call volumes and costs by assisting customers online 24/7
  • Automate simple and complex repetitive tasks to create scalable support that improves over time

Knowledge Management

Empower agents and customers with effective knowledge management solutions that allow for faster access to accurate and consistent answers, reducing time to resolution and improving the customer experience. Bring structure and enhanced consistency to your support information, simplifying agent search queries and promoting resolution for customers.

  • Enhance the quality of response by empowering your agents with timely, relevant information
  • Reduce error rates and ensure consistency by creating one easy to maintain “source of truth”
  • Improve agent productivity, efficiency and onboarding with optimized self-service

Why Foundever™

An approach focused uniquely on your needs

Based on field observation, our solutions are designed to meet the challenges of your operational teams and the expectations of your customers.

An organization with +40 years of expertise in the CX industry

Our experts design a CX roadmap built with you, starting from your technological environment and your KPIs, with clear and measurable success criteria.

Combining innovations & operations

Aligned with your organization, culture, values and operational model, our innovations offer a holistic approach that match your business challenges.

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Are you ready to enhance your self-service experience? Let’s discuss how our solutions can help you address your main contact reasons, save agent time, and save costs.


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