Self-Service content

Help your customers help themselves with interactive support content

Save costs by reducing call volumes and improving self-service rates

The Foundever Self-Service Content solution is designed to make the process of finding answers simple and effortless, ensuring your support pages are concise, intuitive and customized for your brand.

Create rapid high-volume content that can easily integrate with your current platforms, providing your teams with relevant and prompt support content across all digital channels.


first contact resolution


fewer calls to the contact center


decrease in customer churn

How it works

Create and optimize your content

Turn complex instructions into content that is engaging and easy to use, with personalization that significantly impacts your KPIs.

Develop interactive self-service content

Bring your support content to life with step-by-step tutorials, installation assistants, troubleshooters, emulators and other interactive online tools.

Eliminate findability issues

Create a memorable and frictionless experience that improves self-service success rates, findability and quality of your traffic with advanced search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Deliver consistent support content across all channels

Provide consistent support by integrating channels with a single CMS that manages all content in one place.

Scale your content

Adapt your current self-service content to a continuously changing environment during peak seasons, launch of new products and other events.

Captivating support content for customers and agents

Our team of UX/UI experts can easily create, edit, organize and publish content, ensuring it remains current and relevant to your needs.

Step-by-step tutorials

Design user-friendly, interactive instructions for an effortless and guided experience.


Replace physical device samples with virtual emulators to enable users to explore and test their products.

Installation assistants & troubleshooters

Guide your customers through the most common installation and troubleshooter issues with flow-based, visual instructions.

Bill explainers

Provide interactive walkthroughs for your customers to understand all the components that make up the price of their bill.

Microsites and landing pages

Improve findability and usability with search engine optimized microsites and landing pages.

Content Management System

Leverage our built-in CMS to simplify the delivery of content – supported by a solid infrastructure with 99.9% uptime.

Channel integration

Consolidates customer and agent-facing interfaces to ensure consistency, accessibility and findability across all touchpoints.

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