accessibility notice

At its core, Foundever prioritizes inclusiveness to allow access to its information to the largest scope of visitors. This accessibility notice outlines our commitment to making our website usable for everyone.

The Foundever website has been reviewed and amended in regards to web accessibility criteria. The targeted standard is the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) issued by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) in its 2.1 version. The 2.2 version was released during our audit process and will be targeted in our next iteration.


Foundever considers accessibility as an improvement process that needs to be tested and iterated over in the long run. Logs will be published on this page to explain what improvements are made on a regular basis (see “Logs” section).

To start with, Foundever has gone through the following process:

  • Auditing the website with an expert and testing tools
  • Applying changes (semantic, visual, and coding)
  • Reviewing the changes

Testing with non-specialist but concerned users is an ongoing process in our continuous improvement journey. We are happy to learn from others, and we welcome any feedback regarding the website accessibility. You can send non-commercial and accessibility-related feedback to

Tools for auditing

In the audit process, we used some specific tools to audit the website:

  • Mozilla Web Developer add-on
  • WAI Contrast Checker
  • Accessibility tool from BrowserStack
  • Microsoft Narrator
  • iOS VoiceOver

We ran a mix of automated tests, visual, semantic, and coding overview. This gave way to tasks sorted in an Asana Project following WCAG 2.1 criteria, which you can find here.

The website was mainly tested on the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Who we are page
  • Banking & financial services page in the Industries section
  • Insights page
  • Single Article page

These pages were selected because they contain a large sample of interface patterns used throughout the website, and some have a higher level of complexity. We extend our audit and tests whenever we spot a singular user case worth testing or when a new interface element is designed and coded. This way, we aim to maintain and improve accessibility consistency.

Exceptions and tweaks

The Foundever website is running on WordPress and uses plugins as well as third-party embed services. Exceptions to meet the required criteria are mainly of two natures:

  • Missing features in WordPress core or plugins: The development team will not tweak the features to avoid inconsistency with WordPress updates.
  • Third parties: Third parties propose some accessibility features (e.g., transcription in videos), but navigating between the website environment and the embed environment may cause inconsistencies in the navigating experience.

Exceptions are listed at the end of the audit section on this page.

Audit results

WCAG criteria are grouped into levels, which give a sense of which are necessary to meet (levels A & AA) and which are “make it perfect” (level AAA). The website matches the following levels:

  • Level A: 29 out of 29 pass this criteria level.
  • Level AA: 17 pass, 2 don’t apply, 1 exception.
  • Level AAA: 3 pass, 8 don’t pass.

All level A and level AA criteria are met.


Criteria 2.4.2: WordPress banners included on pages’ hero section are not compliant with this criteria since they are marked as “images” with an ARIA role and don’t have an alternative text, even though they are only decorative images.


  • 2023-10-06: All WCAG 2.1 criteria have been tested.
  • 2023-10-27: Version 1.1 – accessibility fixes have been delivered.