Back-office support services

Find efficiency in your back-office operations

Back-office support shouldn’t be back-of-mind

Back-office operations are vital to the success of your frontline CX teams and the customer experience of your brand. Successful organizations invest not only in customer-facing operations but also in transforming the back-end functions that support those operations.


associates supporting back-office roles


locations in 15 countries


reduction to complaints and errors


reduction in support costs

How it works

Define best practices

Mapping of manual processes completed within the back office is the vital first step in transforming productivity within your CX strategy. Viewing back-office processes within the context of the broader customer journey ensures you deliver holistic improvements to experience and remove silos between CX teams.

Increase operational visibility & control

Secure real-time visibility into performance trends and reports with enhanced case management across tasks and workflows all visible within a single-pane view.

Accelerate processing & productivity

Leverage intelligent automation and targeted training within the flow of work to ensure your back-office teams are equipped and focused on the tasks that bring the greatest value to your CX strategy.

Drive accuracy

Harness automation to simplify data entry while improving accuracy of system data and the level of insights available within your back-office systems.

Why Foundever™

Combine engagement, scalability and performance, wherever your CX teams are connected.

Back-office experience in every vertical

With proven experience supporting back-office services for more than 60 global brands in verticals – including financial services​ and payments, technology, consumer products and retail,​ media and entertainment, communications, healthcare and utilities​ – Foundever brings industry best practices to add value to your back office and CX strategy needs.

Customized back-office solutions

Whether it’s data entry, payment processing and customer correspondence for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, account management and supply chain management in the automotive industry or compliance oversight and claims processing in insurance – the only element of our service that remains the same is the quality of our people and the levels of training they receive.

Powered by intelligent automation

Streamline back-office processes by harnessing intelligent automation to handle high-volume repetitive tasks, reduce the need for manual data entry and simplify data processing. Through automation in the right areas, brands can quickly enhance back-office productivity to reduce backlog, improve accuracy and drive employee satisfaction via more rewarding back-office work.

Optimizing your workforce

With historical and real-time data from both back-office operations and customer service departments, we predict future workload in the back office and determine resource requirements needed to handle the forecasted workload levels – establishing processes to manage employee productivity and balance and prioritize work in real time.

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