Conversational AI for customer service

Deliver lifelike conversational experiences with AI that understands and responds

Reduce live agent intervention with 24/7 support

Foundever Conversational AI resolves your customers’ needs quicker with chatbots, voicebots and IVRs.

Combine natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to understand customer intent and respond in a human-like way.


increased first contact resolution


faster than live agents


lower cost to serve

How it works

Redefine your customer experience with leading-edge technology

Design the conversational experience built to your unique needs, with best-in-class technology and a robust AI foundation — championed by the passion and knowledge of our digital experts.

Identify and understand customer intent

Interpret customer interactions and predict future actions by including AI in the conversation to automate routine requests, reduce agent effort and provide speedy resolution.

Develop personas that speak your brand language

Embody your brand and project your values with unique conversational personas and tone of voice that deliver human-like experiences across a broad range of customer contacts.

“Currently our most important strategic partner, Foundever takes care of our consumers in Brazil, Europe and the USA, as well as providing the technology needed for our multi-award- winning chatbot. I can confidently say that Foundever is one of the largest and best contact center and technology companies on the market – a team passionate about what it does and always connected with the best tools and market trends. Foundever bring innovation and creativity to our processes and deliver great results for our partnership.”

Ivan Felix

Senior Global User Relations Manager – Havaianas

Drive natural conversations and self-service at scale with AI

24/7 responsive customer service

Immediately respond to your customer via an always available, 24/7 channel – supporting CX needs from instant transactions to personalized journeys.

Task simplification

Create a scalable support model that simplifies the handling of complex tasks such as product defect identification, purchase validation, and warranty claims.

Consistent conversational experiences at scale

Design and update your workflows in one place before deploying them for use across channels in any language.

Advanced speech recognition

Revolutionize the way customers interact with your IVR and voice bots, enabling more human-like and efficient communication with natural language understanding technologies.

Automated identification & verification

Reduce agent effort by verifying and authenticating customers before handover, ensuring a secure end-to-end conversational experience with reduced handling time.

Optimized conversations

Improve your bots’ performance and deliver continuous improvement by gleaning conversational insights from dashboards and reports.

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