Customer experience in insurance

More than ever, consumers expect an exceptional customer experience in insurance. Whether needs are for life, property and casualty coverage, long-term care, retirement planning, investments, roadside assistance or warranty, Foundever™ has the expertise, talent and technology to personalize solutions that meet your customers where and when they need it most.


of insurers see need for seamless digital consumer experiences


want human and digital interactions


say transaction security is a top priority


are willing to share their data digitally

Ensure an industry-leading CX for your customers

Omnichannel engagement platforms

Keeping your CX on track

Policyholders typically use an average of two touchpoints per year with their insurance company — not nearly enough to create a long-lasting relationship. The dynamic between you and your consumers needs to be meaningful, where you offer more relevant and useful content to policyholders when and where they need it.

This includes communicating with consumers on their channel of choice, whether it’s via an interactive app downloaded on their smartphone or using a chatbot on your website.

How we help
  • Voice and non-voice capabilities to deliver fast, 24/7 experience
  • Create consumer conversations using Ai to satisfy self-service requests
  • Omnichannel CX management that resolves issues across all channels

Applying intelligent automation


of consumers say that data privacy is a growing concern (KPMG)

Many believe that the most important driver for insurance products is price, but that’s not always the case. The speed at which insurers can pay out claims or process new policies has become an important decision criterion as consumers consider insurance products. Luckily, automation can help you speed up the process,

Using intelligent automation solutions to accelerate business performance will empower your team to have the right answers ready for consumers across channels, with seamless communication at every touchpoint.

How we help
  • As leaders in intelligent automation, ensuring best-in-class self-service solutions
  • Supercharge your team to work more efficiently and provide excellent consumer support with robotic desktop automation (RDA)
  • Placing self-service options conveniently for your consumers through conversational and visual IVR solutions

Personalized CX for a long-lasting relationship


of insurance consumers are interested in targeted information

When a consumer is looking for an insurance product, they oftentimes want more than peace of mind to know that they can call upon you to protect them if the need arises. Many policyholders are interested in receiving personalized offers and targeted communications. But how can you find out what information is the most relevant?

Insurers should be able to leverage every communication with their customers and turn their data into insights that help engage on a personal level for an elevated CX.

How we help
  • Powerful interaction analytics captures 100% of your consumer contacts in order to create customized solutions
  • AI-based technology to indicate next-best actions and personalized offers
  • Unlocking valuable consumer insights from your data sources with powerful CX analytics

Related Certifications

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27002:2013
SOC Type 1 and SOC Type 2

Helping insurance providers maximize an exceptional CX

We help insurance providers adapt to the major challenges the industry is facing, combining best-in-class technology and a human-centric approach, putting consumers’ wellbeing at the core of their business.


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Types of services or lines of business


  • Account inquiries and maintenance
  • Card replacement
  • Customer service
  • Disputes and escalations
  • New accounts
  • Risk and fraud management
  • Payment processing
  • Technical support (web and app)