5 foundations for understanding the customer journey

The customer journey is key to offering your customers a great experience. To get the journey right, be sure to have solid foundations.

Published ·September 18, 2023

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 The customer journey is one of the most critical keys to a positive consumer experience, but unfortunately, it’s often misunderstood. Why? Because customers are changing, and so are their expectations. In addition to having convenient, tech-savvy experiences, they expect some level of personalization, because no one customer is exactly alike.  

So how can your brand improve customer experiences? The customer journey is the roadmap, and your brand should begin by understanding it. Let’s break down five foundations you need to understand to strengthen your customer journey.  

1. Identify the channels

It’s no secret that in a world of digital transformation, customers expect a seamless experience across all channels. That’s why it’s important for businesses to identify the channels that their customers use in order to make sure they provide a consistent customer journey. 

Does your brand have a strong omnichannel approach? Which channels are your customers using the most? By understanding your customer journey and identifying which channels are most effective, you can ensure that your customers have a great experience every time they interact with your organization. 

2. Determine success metrics

Once you have determined what channels your customers tend to use the most, it’s time to determine what success looks like in those channels. How frequently do customers use each channel? How effective are the channels for business? How can you improve the processes for each channel and improve efficiency? What are the overall business goals and what are the micro goals to get there? Positive customer experiences should be at the forefront of all your efforts.  

3. Gather data

Gathering data is key to understanding the customer journey and improving their customer experience. By tracking customer experiences, companies can use analytics to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to ensure a positive customer experience. 

Acquiring valuable data can help you gain insights into what your customers want and need from products or services. It also provides valuable information about how customers interact with the company’s website, social media accounts or other digital channels. With this data, your brand can make informed decisions on how to best meet the needs of your customers. 

4. Measure outcomes

Measuring the outcomes of the customer journey is essential for businesses to understand the success of their customer experience. By tracking metrics such as customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, businesses can gain valuable insights into how their customers perceive their products and services. This knowledge can then be used to improve the customer experience and ensure a positive outcome for all stakeholders. Additionally, by discussing outcomes with customers and understanding their feedback, businesses can ensure that they are providing a service that meets their needs. 

5. Connect the dots

It’s essential to connect the dots of the customer journey and map out each step of their experiences in order to gain brand loyalty and increase sales. Data is key when it comes to connecting the dots of the customer journey. By collecting and analyzing data, your organization can gain valuable insights into how customers interact with your brand, what they’re looking for in terms of products and services and how they respond to different marketing campaigns.  

This information can then be used to make adjustments based on customer preferences or trends in order to improve outcomes. With this knowledge in hand, your brand can create a more personalized customer experience that will keep them coming back for more.  

Creating a customer-centric landscape  

The key to determining a personalized experience is mapping out the customer journey and noting what touchpoints need to improve and how. Data is key in every part of understanding the customer journey, so it’s critical your organization has AI analytics that track interactions and can help you measure effectiveness.  

Once you have narrowed down the opportunistic areas to improve in the customer journey, you can start implementing the right solutions to create a healthy customer-centric landscape. Automation, AI and self-service will be the heroes in the process of improving efficiencies in the customer journey. 

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