Conversation at heART in Casablanca: Bringing color to communication

With the Conversation at heART initiative, Foundever integrates art into the workspace. In our hub in Casablanca, Morrocco, local street artist Ed-oner created murals that reflect our associates' work and spark conversations.

Published ·April 24, 2023

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Art that sparks connection

At the entrance of the Casablanca, Morocco hub, you’ll be greeted the kind of unique, charming welcoming that only artwork has the ability to accomplish. From floor to ceiling, a colorful and energetic mural is the first thing people see when they walk in the door – the entrance is also the space where onboarding and initial training take place when our new team members join Foundever™. The painting was created with passion by the talented Mohamed Touirs, a local street artist who goes by the artist name Ed-oner, as part of Foundever’s Conversation at heART initiative.

About the process

Ed-oner spent four days total completing the conversation piece for the Casablanca hub. The spray-painted mural stretches out across almost every inch of the wall and displays vivid scenes of varying personalities that he sees in his daily working life. In the painting, he also demonstrates how the job is based on communication between the client and the agent, and the services proposed by the team.  

The painting is striking, highlighting the varieties and dynamics of the work and bringing to life the daily values of culture and communication within the hub, with glowing images of human connection – talking over the phone, taking notes and sharing ideas.

Ed-oner used vivid colors and highlighted different personalities to show the dynamics of working in an energetic setting
Ed-oner wanted to show the day-to-day dialogue between clients and agents in the hub by painting creative conversations.

“It was done with passion,” Ed-oner said. “And when you finish and get good feedback from people working here, it’s a great feeling. I thank the group for giving an artist like me – a local artist from the small city of Berrchid – the chance to come and share my work and passion. It was such a great collaboration between us.”

Conversation at heART

In September 2020, Foundever launched an ambitious project to introduce artworks in hubs around the world. This program, called Conversation at heART, is part of our MAX initiative, and it’s considered a gift to Foundever associates, helping them spark the ideas and values of conversation – the core of our associates’ skills.

Here’s how it works:

• We select artists from the country or region.                                                        

• We shape each project according to the place, culture, and venue. 

 • We encourage Foundever associates to get involved by voting or even sharing ideas with the artist. 

Since the launch of Conversation at heART, several projects have been achieved around the globe, including artworks in Barranquilla, Paris, São Paulo, Athens, Cali and more. We are thrilled with the connection that Conversation at heART creates and are excited to continue the conversation around the globe.