Leveraging technology to enhance healthcare experiences and drive member satisfaction

As millions of Americans face the possibility of losing healthcare coverage due to the expiration of extended pandemic assistance, healthcare organizations have a unique opportunity to educate, guide, and attract new members seeking insurance plans.

Published ·March 22, 2023

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By Amy Brazil

Vice President, Enterprise Sales

To seize this opportunity, it’s essential for organizations to harness the power of technology and human expertise to deliver personalized, user-friendly, and meaningful experiences. Here are three strategies to implement, along with a real-world example of transformative AI in action.

Provide relevant knowledge at the right time

Ensuring that your knowledgebases and processes are up-to-date and easily accessible to prospective members is crucial. Utilizing intelligent automation tools that can serve agents relevant information in real-time from multiple sources, can help reduce the chance of errors and optimize each interaction. This will not only improve the speed and accuracy of service for new and existing members, but also increase agent satisfaction.

Implement conversational AI that reflects your organization’s values

Conversational AI can help manage increased call volumes and free up agents to focus on complex and high-value interactions. To achieve this, you must develop customer-facing AI that asks the right questions clearly and concisely, and guides members to the appropriate resource or agent quickly. Typically, bots are serving a diverse demographic of members. It’s important that the bot accurately represents your organization’s tone and values to ensure a consistent brand experience.

Utilize AI to train agents for empathy and care

A 2020 study from J.D. Power revealed that only 36% of commercial health plan members believe their health plan consistently acts in their best interest, while a mere 25% view their health plan as a trusted partner in their health and wellness. To address this issue, use voice and chat AI trainers to engage agents in realistic, simulated conversations, building their confidence, proficiency, and empathy for complex member interactions. Equipping agents with the skills to handle challenging scenarios will improve their speed to proficiency and foster long-term loyalty among members.

Combining human expertise and AI for improved outcomes and efficiency

Organizations that successfully deploy both human expertise and AI capabilities can rapidly gain a competitive edge. For example, a leading US insurance service provider faced rising costs and declining customer satisfaction. By integrating intelligent automation and self-service capabilities, they significantly improved employee experience and overall business health. Providing agents with the right support material to guide customers to cost-effective options resulted in $500,000 in annual savings and a 25% reduction in average handle time.

Unlocking the potential of people and digital power in healthcare

At Foundever™, we believe that the healthcare industry has a prime opportunity to leverage AI to attract new members seeking coverage and foster lifetime loyalty among existing members. By implementing intelligent automation and empowering agents at every stage of the healthcare journey, you can ensure that your members are efficiently guided to the options that best suit their needs today.

Connect your CX to a world of experience

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