Foundever™ in Portugal is a Great Place To Work® 

We’re thrilled that Foundever™ has been awarded the Great Place To Work® Certification in Portugal. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to building an excellent workplace environment and culture where our employees not only excel but also find fulfillment in their work.

Published ·August 28, 2023

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Being certified as a Great Place To Work (GPTW) is a reflection of the incredible journey we’ve been on with our employees. It’s a testament to our commitment to trust, respect, fairness and the constant pursuit of excellence. 

About Great Place To Work® 

Great Place To Work is a consulting firm that has worked with companies worldwide for more than 30 years to identify, create and sustain high-trust and high-performance cultures, helping organizations become the best places to work. Using a rigorous methodology, GPTW evaluates employee feedback anonymously and confidentially via a survey to identify companies that have created work cultures that prioritize both trust and performance. 

Our journey to greatness 

So, how did we achieve this recognition? Our journey to becoming a GPTW in Portugal is marked by our focus on the employee experience (EX). We’re committed to life-long learning and preparing our people for the future of work. We believe that this, along with a strong employee value proposition (EVP) — Create your best moments — are the cornerstones of our success.  

“It is the recognition of our culture and the work we have been doing regarding employee experience in favor of people, their wellbeing and professional development,” says Benedita Miranda, General Manager at Foundever in Portugal. “It’s good to know that our people are happy to work here!” 

“The achievement of this certification is the result of teamwork that began with the purpose of transforming the employee experience into something unforgettable and lasting,” says Bruno Gouvea, Human Resources Director at Foundever in Portugal. 

An employee experience program like no other 

Foundever was the first BPO to establish an employee experience program — MAX (My Associate Experience) — backed by an employee-centric framework and methodology built on our founder-led belief that the best CX starts with optimizing EX. 

Through MAX, we’ve co-designed programs and platforms with long-lasting and positive impacts on EX and business, including our EVP, intranet, coaching platform, and programs on wellness, flexibility, workplace design and recognition.  

Since launching in 2019, our MAX virtual community has increased employee engagement and elevated our ability to innovate, because it crowdsources our people’s professional expertise and insights. Initiatives work when shaped by our employees — engaging in conversation and gaining the insights needed to make changes that reflect employee needs and then embedding these changes in our operations so that our people see the change. 

Opportunities to build a career 

All employees have equal access to learning and development and that access goes beyond courses or classes that align directly with an individual’s career progression or current position. We have one-on-one coaching, mentoring and development programs that encourage employees and provide them with the opportunities to take the next step in their career.  

GPTW: A milestone of excellence 

We’re excited about what the future holds for Foundever and we’ll continue to prioritize our employees’ wellbeing, innovation and growth. Being recognized as a GPTW is a milestone on an ongoing path of improvement and excellence. At Foundever, we are proud of this achievement and excited about the opportunities it brings as we continue to shape the future of work together with our dedicated team in Portugal and around the globe. Congratulations to our team in Portugal for this prestigious recognition! 

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