Introducing our Foundever™ hub in Cebu

The first Foundever-branded hub has officially launched in in Cebu, Philippines, offering a great working environment for the important talent pool the region represents

foundever hub cebu

Published ·May 2, 2023

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Foundever has officially opened a third hub location in Cebu in the Philippines – the first Foundever-branded hub following our global rebrand!  This opening further reinforces our transformational journey as a new brand, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to give associates a fresh new environment to work and collaborate in. 

The associate experience is the customer experience  

“We’re thrilled that the launch of the first hub with the new brand is happening in one of the Philippines’ largest growth areas,” said the General Manager for Foundever in Manila and Cebu, John Sneed, at the launch event. 

The new hub is the third in the Philippines and the second in the city of Cebu which represents an enormous talent pool, so there is a wealth of opportunity to provide quality jobs and continue our expansion. The location had been designed to facilitate CX Everywhere, the hybrid work model Foundever promotes, combining work from home and out of an office that offers room for working, but also learning, sharing and socializing. Foundever knows that the customer experience (CX) is only as good as the employee experience (EX). Cebu has become our most important region of the country, and there is potential for even further growth, particularly as the country continues to rebound from the effects of the pandemic. 

The new site will bring opportunities to expand operations and better serve our customers in the region. Cebu’s location, highly skilled workforce, supportive local government policies, and growing economy are all opportunities for Foundever to grow and succeed.  

“With our new Foundever hub, we’re looking forward to further tapping into the exceptional talents in the region so we can deliver even higher levels of productivity and ​​customer experience for the clients we work with across the globe.”  

The new Cebu hub is another example of our ambition to improve the experience of our associates.  

But our commitment goes further. By engaging directly with our community of associates and channeling their feedback, suggestions and innovative ideas around these themes, we can identify and begin to shape and apply initiatives that will make a measurable difference to our people and their working lives.  

A key value at Foundever is to ‘Create Connection. Value Conversation.’ This is our brand message, developed in partnership with our people, and we are constantly seek to honor this value by bringing connection to our associates.  

The first Foundever-branded hub  

The new hub feels fresh and vibrant, buzzing Foundever signature colors: midnight blue, coral, purple and yellow. Unique murals and modern décor are seen throughout the workspaces, private offices and conference rooms. In addition to the workspace, associates benefit from a gym, kitchen area and outdoor patio space.

The design was created with a hybrid work style approach, as well as our priority to provide an environment that fosters open communication, collaboration and teamwork. Our numerous company recognitions, including being named a top workplace in our industry, attest to our commitment to creating a supportive and rewarding environment for our team members. That’s what makes Foundever an excellent place to build a career. As a matter of fact, 93% of our managers are promoted from within. 

Foundever: Making things easy 

The global rebranding to Foundever is much more than a name change. It highlights our commitment to innovation, dynamism and top-notch associate and customer experiences, and this commitment is made visible in the Cebu hub.  

“’Found’ represents our constant curiosity to innovate and create grounded solutions, and ‘ever’ signals our agility and drive to continuously adapt to the changing needs of the market and our clients,” noted Cecile May-Moreno Venancio, Senior Marketing Director for APAC, Foundever.  

“We know it’s a complex, fast-moving and changing world and this is especially true in our world of customer experience. So, at Foundever, we recognize that it is our job to make CX simple and to deliver great experiences for customers by building a better experience for our people.” 

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