Customer centricity: The key to sustainable growth for disruptors 

To achieve sustainable growth disruptors need to make sure to put the customer at the center of operations.

Published ·October 24, 2023

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Disruptors, you’re shaking up the market and you’re growing fast. But you wouldn’t be where you are today without your customers! Convincing them to adopt your innovative products and services was hard work, demanding all of your resources. 

But is that enough? You’ve got to keep them satisfied, earn their loyalty and transform them into ambassadors for your brand. 

That means you have to put the customer at the center of your operations. Recent research by Forrester shows a close correlation between a company’s sustainable growth and the quality of its customer service, customer-obsessed enterprise decision-makers reporting 2.5 times higher revenue growth than those who are not customer-obsessed. 

So how do you become customer-obsessed? You need to know how to make your customers happy, and adopt a customer-centric approach for your entire organization, from the improvement of your existing products and the development of new ones to the support you offer. Make sure to find out what people expect from your brand and figure out ways to give it to them. 

One aspect of your operations is particularly helpful as it has a major impact on brand image and revenue: the customer experience (CX). 

With an exceptional customer experience, your customers come back for more 

You’re attracting a lot of new customers thanks your disruptive offer. Winning them over is great, but it takes more to achieve sustainable growth. You need to wow them all along the way with an impeccable customer experience. It’s definitely worth it: We asked consumers in six countries around the globe and 42% declared that they would pay more for a product or service in exchange for better CX. 

Give them all the support they need to get the most out of your offering. Make sure people will remember your brand in a good way and come back for more. 

To offer the customer experience customers are willing to pay more for, you need to 

  • Be where your customers are 

The average consumer uses two different channels for CX, and 30% of consumers use three or more. Be sure to offer your customers multiple ways to contact you and resolve the issues they might have with your products and services.  

  • Make yourself available 

Make sure customers get answers to their questions whenever they need them. A large majority of consumers— is willing to help themselves — if you offer them efficient self-service solutions. With easy-to-navigate webpages, well-designed chatbots, etc. you can offer 24/7 support and efficient request resolution. 

  • Show empathy 

As great as it is to let customers find their answers themselves, sometimes they want to talk to a real person. Empower your customer service associates with technology and training to offer best-in-class personal support and issue resolution while creating a human connection and showing empathy. 

Make customer centricity work for your strategy 

The interactions you have with your customer offer a wealth of information. This is a valuable asset and helps you to really know your customers, what they think of your brand, what their pain points are and how to address them. 

But before you can use the data, make sure in transform it into actionable insights. That’s made easy by analytics and AI. You have a lot of interaction information in an already digitized format. Add technologies like speech and text analyzing tools to the mix, apply a layer of AI and you’ll get data that allows you to identify consumer characteristics, customer pain points with your products, and even predict their future behavior. 

It’s clear that this information is of the utmost importance for your business. Harness it for customer-centric innovation: Fine-tune your offer, improve existing products, and use it to define the direction your business strategy should take. 

Sound difficult? It isn’t with the right partner! 

Often, disruptors concentrate on what they do best. After all, you’ve had a striking idea that’s turned your market around. And it’s understandable that most of your resources go into your products and services. 

However, taking care of your customers is essential to the development of your business. And although it sounds complex to get customer service operations up and running, know that you’re not alone. You’re an expert in your field, team up with CX experts to create a customer experience that really focuses on your customers and help you create the experiences they expect. 

The right partner will be able to scale as your brand grows, and deliver an experience that’s aligned with your brand and company culture. They will be able to manage people and processes and identify the technologies that you need to create a customer experience focused on the customer and perfectly aligned with your brand. 

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