CX snapshot for disruptive brands

Learn about your customers & level up your CX

Did you know that 78%* of consumers would not give a brand a second chance following a subpar CX? As a disruptive brand, you’re an expert when it comes to pivoting in line with changes in the marketplace. But while hypergrowth and product innovation are in your entrepreneurial blood, you may be challenged when trying to scale customer experiences.

*Source: Foundever™ consumer research on customer experience across six countries — U.S., U.K., Brazil, France, Germany and Spain

In this CX snapshot

In this CX snapshot, you’ll find consumer opinions from our latest research on CX that will help you get to know your customers and deliver exceptional experiences.

We explore:

  • How CX dictates brand choices
  • Using social media as part of your CX approach
  • Consumer attitudes toward personalization and data sharing
  • Channels of choice when engaging with brands
  • How to effectively use self-service
  • Future innovation and new means of interaction