Sitel® Brazil Joins Tent Partnership for Refugees, a Non-Profit Organization that Mobilizes the Global Business Community To Include Refugees

The partnership that began in Colombia expands to Sitel Brazil, which brings three years’ experience in hiring refugees, starting with the hiring of three employees in 2018.


Published ·August 26, 2021

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Sao Paulo—August 26, 2021—Sitel Group®, a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, announced today an initiative to support refugees through Tent Partnership for Refugees in Sitel® Brazil to integrate refugees in their new host communities.

The partnership that began in Colombia expands to Sitel Brazil, which brings three years’ experience in hiring refugees, starting with the hiring of three employees in 2018. Sitel Group currently employs around 1,000 Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and Brazil. Both countries made a commitment to hire another 300 Venezuelans each over the next three years in partnership with Tent.

In 2021, Sitel Brazil’s recruitment team hired more than 500 immigrants and refugeesin the first half of the year for their service operations in Latin America, with 78% of the associates from Venezuela. With this partnership, Sitel Brazil commits to expand the contact points with local NGOs, thus reaching a larger number of candidates in addition to receiving support in legal matters and government procedures.

Laurent Delache, CEO of Sitel Brazil, reinforces the culture of welcoming these employees.

“We have several possibilities of services, such as the diversity of languages that we can provide to our customers, but I’d like to highlight the honor of being able to contribute by hiring immigrants and refugees for our operations,” said Delache. “Throughout 2020, we’ve been hiring people, especially refugees. With this, we feel part of our community, we assume our social responsibility and we are part of the solution. And all of this with humanized management, we hope to reach our highest eNPS (employee satisfaction score) ever. ”

The employee experience is the center of our employee engagement programs and campaigns, and we also issue an annual survey to analyze our climate internally. Our associates’ testimonies help to build an award-winning culture recognized by our partners and the market.

‘’My first contact with Sitel Brazil made such a difference since I got into a very difficult situation in Brazil and I was lucky to have my first job,” said Jesus Segovia, Venezuelan Operations coach, three years at Sitel Brazil. “It was a very welcoming experience where even the facial expressions and the tranquility of my selection process made me believe in myself more.‘’

Jesus Segovia

Ileana Cruz, Partnerships Lead for Latin America at the Tent Partnership for Refugees, said: “We’re thrilled to see Sitel Group expanding its efforts to include refugees in Brazil and leading the way in including this population into its business operations. Refugees are some of the most loyal, committed, and hard working employees – not only is Sitel Group helping refugees integrate in their new communities, but the company will also experience considerable business benefits by strengthening its workforce.”

Idiomas in Company:  A program dedicated to our people

To improve professional and personal associates’ development and also to assist in refugees recruitment process in Brazil, the have implemented Idiomas in Company.

Since March 2021, in response to associates’ requests, the Idiomas in Company program was created with the aim of offering online language courses. About 100 students started the program for English with a total of 17 classes in different levels. The groups were formed through a rigid selection process that considered the operating results and performance of our employees.

The second step of this journey was to implement the Spanish class to engage and strengthen the relationship between colleagues. The company is currently preparing for a new class for 2021 to help our foreign employees to communicate better in the country.

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