Improving Customer Experiences Through Speech Recognition – Sitel Group Partners with CallMiner

Sitel Group takes another innovative step toward revolutionizing customer experience with advanced sentiment/acoustic, categorization, and performance analysis of interactions with customers.

revolutionizing customer experience

Published ·April 25, 2018

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MIAMI, April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Sitel Group, one of the largest customer experience companies in the world, announced that it has partnered with speech analytics software provider, CallMiner, to further improve brands conversations with their customers.

The partnership will allow Sitel Group to dive even deeper into data, by analyzing the speech of more than 2 million interactions the company manages worldwide daily, providing real-time analysis of how to improve customer experience, while reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

“In today’s world, every interaction with a brand matters. The partnership with CallMiner allows our group to go deeper into our efforts to provide more insights into how brands are performing, what is driving customer loyalty, and find personalized tips to make more strategic decisions about the customer experience,” said Arnaud de Lacoste, Co-Founder and CMO of the Sitel Group.

The solution is designed not only to help brands understand the root cause of customer interactions through topic analysis and outlier identification, but it also reveals how to improve company-wide performance between agents and customers across multiple channels.

The CallMiner solution will be integrated into our offerings as part of Sitel Insights which specializes in data discovery, data mining and customer journey analytics.  Sitel Insights mines data across multiple sources and channels to understand and improve the customer experience by applying diagnostic and predictive analytics to impact business outcomes.

Given the success of Sitel Group’s implementation with a large U.S telecommunications provider, with reduced call time of more than 10 percent and reduced handle time by almost one minute, the company expects to extend similar gains across other clients in its portfolio.

The new tools and solutions available to Sitel’s Group clients can map individual interactions and activities to:

  • Understand and optimize the use of channel options such as calls, chat, email, and self-service for customer interactions.
  • Prepare business cases for change that includes compelling facts and illustrations of the problem and the ideal performance.
  • Provide measures and metrics that align operations to a team, a department, or the executive suite’s key performance objectives.
  • Optimize customer service agent performance by reducing average handle time and volumes while increasing first call resolution.
  • Eliminate or reduce costs associated with manual effort or third party contracts.

“We are committed to showing the power of data to our clients. These new capabilities will enhance their ability to better understand customer expectations, to track performance, and to tailor more personalized experiences – finally improving their bottom-line results” said Arnaud.