Sitel Group® Names Laurent Delache Global Head of CX Solutions, Ray McDiarmid Global Head of CX Consulting

The New Sitel Group CX Solutions Team Includes Competencies in Learning Experience led by Pierre-Jean Quetant, Insights and Analytics led by Cristopher Kuehl and Digital led by Mariana Diniz

Published ·August 11, 2021

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MIAMI — August 11, 2021 — Sitel Group®, a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, today announced the internal promotions of executives from across the business into senior executive roles within Sitel Group, further enhancing its position as a transformational CX leader. Laurent Delache has been named Global Head of CX Solutions for Sitel Group and will lead a team comprised of the following executives: Pierre-Jean Quetant, Global Head of Learning Experience; Mariana Diniz, Global Head of Digital Solutions; and Cris Kuehl, Global Head of Analytics and Insights. Ray McDiarmid has been named Global Head of CX Consulting. 

“This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Sitel Group,” said Olivier Camino, Global COO & Co-Founder, Sitel Group. “We look forward to seeing how these leaders will build upon our momentum of the last 18 months, and we are confident they will continue to manage and shape our future CX roadmaps to bring us closer to our customers and to align our products and services with customers’ needs around the globe.” 

These newly defined roles represent the next step in the journey of the company’s product and solution roadmap, enabling stronger relationships between brands and their customers. In coordination with the new CX Technology team, these individuals will bring their expertise to life and further advance the status of Sitel Group as a transformational CX leader in the market. 

Laurent Delache, currently the CEO of Sitel® Brazil, brings nearly 30 years of experience in CX Management; he will continue leading Brazil until this position is backfilled. Pierre-Jean Quetant, Mariana Diniz and Cris Kuehl bring vast experience in their areas of expertise both from inside and outside of Sitel Group. 

“I look forward to tremendous success from this team and in collaboration with Ana Athayde, Global Head of CX Technology, and Ray McDiarmid, Global Head of CX Consulting,” said Delache. “This bench strength positions us for growth as well as closer customer relationships in the future.” 

Ray McDiarmid re-joined Sitel Group, from Capgemini, in 2020 and brings more than 15 years of CX experience to the organization. In his new CX Consulting role, he will elevate conversations with both existing and future customers as they seek to evolve and disrupt their business models from within. The CX Consulting organization of Sitel Group operationalizes customers’ strategic intent at the point that their brand transacts with customers at scale.   

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