The power of GenAI in turbocharging team productivity

Ever wonder how your team can achieve more, faster? Enter generative AI (GenAI) — the catalyst for unprecedented productivity. And if you haven’t noticed, the AI paradigm shift is already underway, substantially changing the way work gets done — with team productivity at the center of it all.

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Published ·February 12, 2024

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In the fast-paced environment of the modern contact center, it’s no secret that team productivity is a key driver of success. As organizations aim to improve workflows and enable seamless collaboration, the use of GenAI has emerged as a transformative tool. Let’s learn more about how it can enhance collaboration and productivity among team members.

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The benefit of GenAI’s impact on team productivity is its ability to automate manual and repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on more complex aspects of customer support. According to a recent National Bureau of Economic Research study based on almost 5,200 customer support agents who used a generative AI tool during support chats, those who had assistance from the chatbot were 14% more productive versus agents who didn’t use the AI tool. The productivity gains were the largest for the least skilled and experienced agents — up to 35%.

And GenAI’s task automation doesn’t stop at efficiency improvements. The study also found that it contributes to increased employee retention and stress reduction, creating a healthier and more sustainable work environment.

The ultimate tag team: Human-GenAI collaboration

Human augmentation with GenAI takes customer support to a whole new level, boosting human skills and creating excellent customer experiences. Here are some of the important ways that generative AI is helping agents and teams excel.

Automated response suggestions

GenAI tools can analyze customer queries in real time and suggest relevant responses for agents. This can streamline communication by providing agents with quick and accurate suggestions, reducing response times and improving efficiency.

Knowledge base enrichment

Working quietly in the background, GenAI can continuously update a contact center’s knowledge base by analyzing customer interactions, identifying common queries and generating up-to-date responses. Agents can rest easy knowing they have access to the latest information to provide accurate and consistent support.

Sentiment analysis and emotional intelligence

Integrating generative AI tools with sentiment analysis capabilities can help gauge customer emotions during interactions. Agents can tailor their responses based on a customer’s mood, leading to more empathetic and personalized communication. Taking a wider approach, GenAI can also give insights into customer sentiment trends, empowering the team to make data-driven decisions that will improve customer satisfaction.

Customized training modules

By analyzing individual agent performance, GenAI can identify areas for improvement and create personalized, targeted training materials. This ensures continuous learning and development, ultimately enhancing the team’s overall skill level and effectiveness.

Automated documentation and follow-up actions

Generative AI can also automatically document customer interactions and suggest follow-up actions for agents. This can include generating follow-up emails, creating support tickets or scheduling callbacks. By automating routine tasks, the AI system allows agents to redirect their efforts toward addressing complex issues and more fulfilling aspects of their roles.

Employee experience

Beyond the measurable gains in productivity, GenAI positively impacts employee experience. This shift has a direct correlation with job satisfaction and retention rates. A recent study revealed that employees at an organization given learning opportunities associated with the use of generative AI tools were roughly 30% less likely than those not given such opportunities to leave the organization.

However, the integration of GenAI into the workplace does raise concerns about potential job displacement. Organizations must address these concerns proactively by investing in reskilling programs. In a global survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group 86% of respondents believe they will need training to sharpen their skills. The report emphasized that organizations should invest in regular upskilling their workforce in tandem with GenAI integration to help employees feel prepared and confident in their work.

The time is now

GenAI’s role in boosting team productivity extends far beyond task automation. It can transform the workplace into a dynamic and collaborative environment, building agent confidence and skill in an ever-increasing complex landscape. The future of work is undoubtedly intertwined with the pairing of human expertise and artificial intelligence, with GenAI at the forefront of this transformative journey.

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