Technology: 3 key takeaways for a competitive CX

In the technology industry, competition is fierce. Tech executives know that to distinguish their brand, they must offer more than just groundbreaking products — they must also deliver exceptional customer experiences. Winning over customers with superior experiences is crucial, and technology leaders must understand how to continue to elevate their CX so their brand stands out in the minds of customers.

Technology industry-3 key takeaways for a competitive CX. Hand holding a smartphone that shows a chat with a chatbot

Published ·July 1, 2024

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The technology sector’s race for product value is intense. With devices becoming commoditized, software transitioning to SaaS models and new products launching at breakneck speeds — the pressure is on! But while tech companies focus on rapidly getting innovative products on the market, they often fail to update their CX with the same vigor.

So, in this whirlwind of innovation, remember: customers dictate true value, especially when fast service and having great customer experiences are their top priorities. In fact, 78% of global consumers would stop doing business with a brand after a single bad experience, so the stakes couldn’t be higher. How much or how little your products, services and brand are valued is directly proportionate to your customer experience. With only 4% of consumers feeling experiences have improved over the past year, and a staggering 57% feeling they have gotten worse, the message is clear: exceptional CX is non-negotiable.

With that said, it’s time to match the pace of your product launches with CX improvements. Trust us, your customers will thank you for it. So where can you start?  

3 takeaways for tech brands to boost CX

As your brand’s CX leader, here are three key takeaways to improve workflows and operations in the contact center and innovate CX at the speed of tech:  

1. Establish an authentic omnichannel approach

With the expansion of digital service channels and options, providing consistent support across every customer touchpoint is becoming progressively more complex. The rising number of interactions and the shift in interaction types, from voice and digital to self-service and agent-assisted, present significant challenges for management teams. Customers often encounter long wait times, answer repetitive questions or have difficulty reaching a live agent. All these things point to a need for a holistic view of the customer journey.

CX today is made up of a web of channels, including voice, chat, SMS, social media, chatbots, email and self-service. Whatever the combination, customers expect a seamless experience. Creating a unified customer journey across all channels and touchpoints is important, as people generally dislike repeating themselves and expect agents to be knowledgeable and friendly.

2. Embrace GenAI

AI’s latest marvel, generative AI, is transforming CX. It personalizes interactions, providing consistent experiences regardless of the channel. Its impact? Profound. Yes, it helps answer customers’ questions, but it’s much more than that — it’s about understanding context, predicting needs and delivering solutions before the customer even asks.

Generative AI undoubtedly marks a new era in CX. This cutting-edge tech is proactive in predicting customer needs and personalizing their journey. Here are some ways it’s impacting CX in the tech industry:

  • Predictive personalization: By analyzing past interactions, GenAI anticipates customer needs, providing tailored experiences that make them feel understood and valued.
  • Contextual awareness: Understanding the context behind customer inquiries allows for more nuanced and effective solutions, enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Unparalleled consistency: GenAI helps ensure that the quality of customer interactions is consistent across channels, providing a seamless experience whether through a chatbot or a digital assistant.
  • Reduced load on customer support: By addressing more complex queries, generative AI lightens the load on human agents, allowing them to focus on issues that require more attention with a human touch.
3. Support agents

Equip your agents with tools and knowledge that enable them to be both personable and informed, reflecting well on your brand. When doing so, keep these three tips in mind:

  • Maintain a continuous education program for your teams. Support a robust learning ecosystem that incorporates the latest learning management technology and development strategy to keep your groups and leaders on the cutting edge.
  • Have the proper tech support SMEs in place. Build a solid backbone of technical experts to champion your operation and expedite resolutions, building confidence in your products, support and brand.
  • Double-up your soft skills training for empathy and leadership. Boost your technical expertise with the soft skills you need to humanize technology, enhance conversations and grow customer relationships.

Remember: while staying on trend by rolling out cutting-edge tech products is important; a tech company’s true worth lies in the quality of its CX. Don’t take it from us: 80% of customers value experiences over your products or services. So, set your technology brand apart with your groundbreaking products as well as outstanding CX support that consistently wins — and boom — customer loyalty is yours for the taking. Discover more about CX in the technology industry by reading our best practice guide “How CX is humanizing the technology industry.”