Say hi to our new brand: We are Foundever™

Today we’re excited to announce our new brand to you — Sitel Group® is now Foundever™. This further strengthens our mission to be the CX solutions and team behind the world’s leading brands.

Published ·March 1, 2023

Reading time·3 min

By Martin Wilkinson-Brown

Chief Marketing Officer

Changing a brand is no easy task, especially for a global organization with operations in 45 countries and a long history of brand loyalty from clients and employees. This rebranding is the beginning of a new chapter for us as one of three leading global customer experience (CX) leaders in our industry. It’s the natural next step in our journey that we’ve been making for several years — first with the acquisition of Sitel in 2015, then with the integration of our diverse capabilities across our subsidiary companies and most recently with the acquisition of Sykes Enterprises, Inc. in Q3 of 2021.

Read our press release here.

In three decades, we’ve successfully grown from a small startup to a global company that delivers over 9 million customer conversations and insights each day to help our clients navigate their digital transformation journey. Launching Foundever is a chance to bring us back to our entrepreneurial roots and simplify CX for the brands we support. 

The new brand name pays homage to the company’s founder-led culture that maintains curiosity and is ever-evolving while being built upon a foundation of expertise. “Found” represents the agility and innovation that creates grounded solutions, and “ever” signals the drive to continuously adapt to the market and clients’ changing needs. 

Defining our difference with a new mission 

The Foundever team is dedicated to innovation, dynamism and best-in-class CX delivery. And our new mission reflects our commitment to building even stronger connections with our clients, their customers and our employees. We know it’s a complex world, especially as it relates to the world of CX and providing the best and easiest solutions for customers. 

At Foundever, we make things simple. Put simply, our mission is to be the solutions and team behind the best experiences for the world’s leading brands. Wherever and whenever needed. 

We’re evolving and transforming to be ready for the needs of the future. Our previous brand names are aligned to voice and telephone services. While we still deliver these services today, our industry’s future will continue to become more diverse, complex and digitally driven across new and emerging channels.  

With Foundever, human and digital are balanced. We’re a digital, technology-centric company while still grounded in our human, people-centric roots. We believe that combining the best of both worlds — human intuition and digital innovation — results in more meaningful and impactful customer experiences.  

By using our human capabilities with the power of technology, Foundever can create solutions that are tailored to the needs of customers. This allows us to provide a more intuitive customer experience, while also enabling the brands we support to scale quickly and efficiently. 

Our values guide us in creating value for brands and their customers 

As one of the largest CX companies in the world, Foundever combines global strength and scale with the agile, entrepreneurial approach of our founder-led culture, enabling companies of all sizes and industries to transform their CX. Our three simple values are rooted in: 

  • Creativity: Make it simple, lead the change  
  • Commitment: Aim for better, impact for the good  
  • Connection: Share experiences, grow together 

We believe that our values are the foundation of our success and guide us as we provide creative solutions for our clients’ specific needs and challenges. Through trust and collaboration, our commitment to putting the needs of clients first ensures that we’re always pushing the boundaries of CX innovation. 

Because we know the employee experience is the customer experience, we’re committed to maintaining an employee culture that’s diverse and inclusive, creating an environment that helps our Foundever family not only to meet their goals but exceed them. 

Be part of our new story 

Over the coming weeks and months, our new brand will be updated across all touchpoints. Our clients can expect greater connection, commitment and creativity from our teams — to ensure success in their CX transformation.  

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new brand and invite you to be part of the next chapter in our new story. Learn more about Foundever on our brand-new website at