Mastering CX in 2024: Unveiling the 7 key challenges and solutions 

The world of customer experience (CX) is a fast-evolving industry, rife with both challenges and opportunities. From digitalization to omnichannel experience to big data, how can companies optimize customer service operations and be prepared to excel in 2024?

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Published ·February 19, 2024

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Through our Success Program, Foundever™ has identified seven major customer experience challenges faced by over 200 customer service departments. Can these challenges be turned into opportunities for growth and excellence? Spoiler alert, yes, they absolutely can if done correctly and effectively. Let’s break it down.  

Challenge #1: Identifying the customer  

In the age of digital interactions, customer identification is not just a “nice to have” anymore — it’s a necessity. Why? Simplifying the identification phase will reduce customer effort and enhance your customer service right from the first point of contact.  

Amid the digital evolution, safeguarding customer data emerges as a critical challenge. And as a leader in your industry, your top concern is ensuring a seamless integration of interactions and robust data security measures. Prioritizing data protection ensures trust, reinforcing your commitment to protecting sensitive information throughout the customer journey. 

Challenge #2: Mastering knowledge and data  

Organizations today are flooded with data. You must learn how to integrate, structure and share this wealth of information to streamline your agents’ work and enhance operational performance.  

Simplify your employees’ work by providing technology tools that not only manage data intricacies but also showcase the human touch in customer interactions. Set your team up for success by equipping them with technology that will help to swiftly handle complex customer requests. This will create more time for empathy and meaningful conversations. 

Challenge #3: Creating an ongoing relationship  

As customer expectations evolve, you need to keep the conversation going with them. How do you build and maintain that relationship over time? Think: seamless interactions that persist across channels, allowing customers to provide feedback or resume conversations effortlessly. This will enhance customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency. Avoiding agent switches during resolutions builds authentic relationships, creating opportunities for upsells and elevating the overall value generated for your brand. 

Challenge #4: Leveraging the potential of GenAI  

The secret’s out…by this point, you’re probably well aware of the power of generative AI when it comes to CX. While it presents vast opportunities, it also comes with inherent risks. For example, ensure you have agent training for GenAI in place, so they understand how to use it correctly.  

Achieving the right balance between harnessing its potential and addressing associated challenges is key to success. Organizations adept at this balance will come out on top, with improved customer service, boosted efficiency and a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape. 

Challenge #5: Integrating immersion into customer service operations  

Adapting to evolving customer expectations requires a shift beyond traditional channels such as voice and email. Recognizing the limitations of these channels, consider integrating diverse technologies like augmented reality.  

Exploring immersive experiences, particularly in the metaverse, just might be the ticket to transforming customer service operations. These types of technologies can enhance the quality of customer conversations and facilitate your team’s work.  

Challenge #6: Creating a dynamic employee engagement with your teams  

There’s no question that balancing humans, technology and organizational elements is important to brand success. Explore strategies around things like collaboration, training and improvement to cultivate an environment that boosts employee engagement with your brand and enhances their connection with customers. This synergy kickstarts a positive cycle, propelling brand success through a motivated and customer-focused team. 

Challenge #7: Generating value with customer service operations  

Shift the perspective on customer service operations from a cost center to a pivotal factor in purchasing decisions. When strategically used, operations sharpen organizational efficiency and play a role in product promotion and distribution. Recognize its potential impact on shaping customer experiences and invest wisely. Prioritizing simplicity in customer service operations ensures a seamless journey, which ultimately drives brand success. 

Next steps: A strategic approach to CX excellence  

Now that the seven major customer experience challenges have been unveiled, it’s time to take a step back and gain a holistic view of your customer service operations. Understand the operational reality, team maturity and financial resources at your disposal. This understanding is crucial for striking the right balance between transformation and continuity. 

Learn more about the Foundever™ Success Program  

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