International Day of Education 2024: Education is the bedrock of opportunity

Celebrate the transformative power of education this International Day of Education with Foundever™ and its newly launched nonprofit, Join us in our #CXforGood movement, as we empower communities through education and strive to make it a fundamental right for all.

Najet Tenoutit, Managing Director of

Published ·January 24, 2024

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By Najet Tenoutit

On this International Day of Education, and as we’re officially launching the first few programs of the new nonprofit in town that I’m lucky enough to manage (pinch me, can’t believe it’s happening), I’m reminded of Horace Mann’s timeless declaration:

“Education…is the great equalizer of the conditions of men.”

Horace Mann, known as the father of American public education and a pioneering educational reformer of the 19th century

These words resonate deeply with my personal and professional journey, underscoring the transformative power of education in creating equality and opportunity.

My own story begins in a distressed community, as the daughter of first-generation immigrants. I grew up in an environment where the odds were often stacked against us. Yet, the one unwavering beacon of hope was my parents’ belief in education. With every sacrifice they made, the importance of learning was the drumbeat to which my five siblings and I marched. It was this unshakeable commitment to our education that became the game-changer in our lives, an experience so rich and profound that it deserves its own narrative, one that I hope to share in the future.

In the recent journey I’ve embarked on with Foundever, I quickly realized that in the customer experience (CX) industry, Foundever had long been committed to leveraging education to support its employees and the communities where the company is present. For years, through the implementation of impact-sourcing practices, education has unlocked career development opportunities for those in low-income and distressed areas. These efforts have laid the ground for our broader #CXforGood movement, aiming to amplify our impact-sourcing model to benefit the greater good, beyond our corporate needs.

Our first program launched last week in collaboration with Orange, a long-time partner, and thanks to the unparalleled work of the Global Mentorship initiative, is a prime example of our innovative approach. We’re mentoring students from challenged backgrounds in areas like Morocco, Ivory Coast and Senegal, offering them the guidance and resources they need to unlock their potential and foster future success.

The #CXforGood movement is our call to action. It’s our belief that through education and stable employment, we can provide not only individuals but also entire households the opportunity to rise out of poverty. This belief is at the core of our new initiatives at, where we aim to take our award-winning impact-sourcing model to new heights. Our approach is simple yet profound: Empower through education, enable through employment.

Now more than ever, our commitment to education is tested as the world grapples with another wave of conflicts and humanitarian crises. There are moments when my hope falters, witnessing years of effort to bring education to those in need being erased, seeing schools used as targets and weapons of war. Education is a human right, enshrined in international law, including Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and it must be protected at all costs. Yet, despite these challenges, I find hope in the incredible progress the world has made over the last few decades. It’s this progress, the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering determination to uphold the right to education that renews my hope and strengthens our resolve to continue our work.

I invite you to join us in this movement. Support #CXforGood and help us make education accessible to all as a fundamental human right. Let’s work together to break down the barriers, educate, empower and elevate communities through the power of CX.

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