Foundever™ location spotlight: Cape Town

Get the drum roll ready, because we have some exciting news… We have officially opened a Foundever™ hub in Cape Town, South Africa!

Aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa

Published ·February 5, 2024

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Our Cape Town hub is officially open!

This new location is particularly special because it’s one of the first of many hubs to receive all-new Foundever™ design and branding, which supports our recent global rebrand from Sitel Group and SYKES to Foundever.

Walking into our Cape Town hub, you’re immediately greeted with fresh colors, from the artwork on the walls to the fixtures hanging from the ceilings. With a modern design concept, the main atrium is wrapped with an expressive mural, painted by local artist Chris Auret. The open nature of the space and large windows invite ample light.

Lining the walls is vivid inspirational artwork created by British artist Chris Page, along with Foundever key colors of midnight and indigo blue, and accents of coral, lavender, mint green and lemon. Within the hallways are cave-style booths carved into Foundever color blocks to create semi-private spaces, while the atrium holds large tables under unique light fixtures for a more collaborative, social setting.

Workplace design concept for Cape Town

How does workplace design work, and what is considered when thoughtfully designing a new space?

Workplace design encompasses various aspects, including the layout, furniture, lighting, colors, acoustics, technology and amenities within a workspace. It takes into consideration the specific requirements of different work activities and aims to optimize the utilization of space while enhancing the overall user experience. It involves not only the physical aspects of space, furniture, lighting and acoustics, but also the social, psychological and cultural aspects of work.

Our workplace design team emphasizes their goal to make the physical workplace the best in the customer experience industry by optimizing employee experience, performance and wellbeing.

How do they do this? What key elements do they ensure exist?

The team ensures the space promotes productivity, collaboration, employee wellbeing and overall success in our Foundever workplace. They design customized spaces for different purposes. For example, the break areas are more colorful and open to promote a social and collaborative setting, while the work areas are designed for productivity and inspiration.

“In all of our spaces, each area has its own purpose and is thoughtfully and strategically designed to encourage a specific activity,” says Thomas Wallace, head of workplace design at Foundever.

Why is workplace design so important?

There are many studies and research principles that highlight the benefits of mindful design in our physical workplace. This quote from Leesman sums it up nicely:

“The physical work environment is a powerful tool to express an organization’s brand, values and culture and to support its business goals.”

Global leader in measuring and analyzing the experiences of employees in their places of work

The right design elements can bolster your workplace environment to higher levels for your employees. Effective workplace design yields many advantages, including increased employee satisfaction, effective use of floor space, better employee productivity, effective supervision and talent attraction.

The employee experience is the customer experience

At Foundever, our core belief is that the employee experience = the customer experience. Happy employees are friendlier, more productive and more fulfilled, which makes our customers happy and satisfied, too. That’s why we ensure the spaces we provide our associates promote happiness, productivity and health, and our new Cape Town hub is an exemplary outcome of this effort.

We are thrilled to continue our global rebranding from Sitel Group and SYKES to Foundever in many more locations! Learn about more of our locations and their local initiatives.

Foundever™ Cape Town, South Africa hub