Foundever™ 2022 ESG report: A year of progress & impact 

At Foundever™, we’re proud to share our 2022 ESG report that represents who we are, what we value and how our culture contributes to greater economic involvement and social development in our communities.

ESG report

Published ·August 21, 2023

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We strive to operate responsibly and with integrity and to create a positive impact on our stakeholders and the environment. We believe that by doing the right thing, we can make a lasting difference in the world. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach is embedded in our operations and governance and is an integral part of our decision-making process.  

Our vision is to be a force for good around the world. The way we do this is through our ESG strategy, which is driven by our core values. 


Through the creativity of our people, we seek new ways to make the complex simple. Every day, our people rise to the challenge of finding new ways of working to create the best experiences between brands and their customers. Through an environment of inclusive idea creation, we are a pacesetter in our industry, leading and driving changes that genuinely impact people’s lives for the better. From employability, community development and data security to environmental, waste management and sustainability, we are driving change with our stakeholders on a broad range of materiality topics. 


As a member of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, we are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and being a responsible global organization for our stakeholders. We understand the importance and urgency of this global initiative and how Foundever plays a critical role in impacting quality of life and global sustainability. Within a culture of accountability and integrity, we lead by example and aim for the peak in everything we do. Setting goals and meeting targets that are measurable, achievable and challenging is how we hold ourselves accountable for creating a bigger impact. With a commitment to always do better as our North Star, we are constantly learning and improving to make a greater impact for good. 


Through our ESG strategy, we are making stronger connections. As we share experiences, our connection to each other is grounded and strengthened in earning trust through transparency. With a strong commitment to being a force for good, we act with compassion to make a difference. Our collective effort toward shared goals and experiences connects the beneficial impact we make across our broader global network of employees, clients, communities, vendors, shareholders and prospects. 

“We’re ready for the next chapter as our business propels us forward to being successful in achieving our global ESG goals through to each of our +170,000 associates around the world and their many contributions to the cornerstones of our sustainability: people, planet and profit.”  

— Laurent Uberti, Founder, President & CEO of Foundever 

Strong governance structure  

To demonstrate ethical, accountable and transparent business practices, and appropriate risk management, our Founder, President and CEO Laurent Uberti and executive leadership team established a strong governance structure, which was also supported by the Foundever Board of Directors. 

esg report

Setting the tone for our strategy, the ESG Steering Committee includes executive sponsors for each strategy topic. 

  • Environmental, led by the Chief Technology Officer 
  • Social, led by the Chief Operating Officer and Founder 
  • Governance, led by the Chief Financial Officer 

This committee sets accountability for the organization, communicates progress to the CEO and reviews and approves three-, five- and 10-year goals. 

Strategic topics for focus 

Through a materiality survey conducted with our stakeholders from August through September 2022, we identified areas of focus based on the three dimensions of environment, social and governance. 


  • Net Zero 
  • Electricity consumption 
  • Waste management 
  • Water management 


  • Health & safety, working conditions 
  • DE&I, human rights 
  • Talent attraction, retention & development 
  • Employability, community development 


  • Data privacy & security 
  • Measurable goals & value chain sustainability 
  • Ethics & anti-corruption 
  • Board diversity 

ESG highlights 

Foundever has an obligation to have transparency in our ESG strategy and to communicate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as: 

  • #3 Health and wellbeing: 43,000 EverBetter program participants, 5.4 million miles in activities achieved 
  • #4 Quality education: +21,000 graduates in our academies 
  • #5 Gender equality: 54% of women associates and 50% of women in management 
  • #7 Affordable and clean energy: 12% of electricity comes from renewable sources 
  • #8 Decent work and economic growth: VOE reached 85% in 2022 (target was >80%) and our associates earn 11% over the minimum wage globally 
  • #13 Climate action: 14% reduction of scope 2 emissions 
  • #17 Partnership for goals: +250 collaborative partnerships around the world 

Foundever ESG: A force for good 

As an extension of our vision to be a force for good around the world, we continue to be actively engaged in community outreach and sustainability initiatives.  

In addition to our distinguished recognitions, such as our ranking as a Leader in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® and our sustainability ratings where we have the right policies, processes and communications, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to sustainability. And, through our ESG-related activities, we’ll continue on our path to making the world a better place for everyone.  

To find out more about our ESG strategy and focus, check out our “Foundever™ 2022 ESG report” on our website.