3 key strategies to kickstart your crypto customer experience

Have you adjusted your customer experience to align with the needs and expectations of new crypto customers?

Published ·May 19, 2022

Reading time·2 min

The cryptocurrency (crypto) sector is complex by nature, and evolves at a fast pace, which creates a myriad of questions and doubts for customers. As crypto-native companies and legacy brands look to generate financial opportunities in the space, it is critical for them to provide an outstanding customer experience that focuses on responsiveness, transparency and trust.

Organizations who put their customer experience first can develop meaningful relationships and increase brand loyalty with customers. Here are three essential customer experience strategies needed to deliver authenticity and efficiency into your customer’s crypto experience.

Strategy #1: Invest in passionate talent

The gaming industry recruits gamers, automotive companies recruit car enthusiasts, why don’t you recruit crypto experts? Agents who are familiar with digital currencies and value it’s social and economic potential can become your brand’s customer experience champions.

When looking for advocates, recruit agents with qualities such as empathy, rapport building, adaptability and technical proficiency. Knowledge is only half the battle, brands who value sensitivity and emotion can go a long way.

Strategy #2: Prove you’re the expert

The crypto space is complex, it’s volatile and for many it’s new. Even experienced users are constantly seeking reliable resources in this continuously evolving space. For this reason, it’s critical to invest in free and easy to use educational tools that guides your customers and establishes your brand as a trusted expert.

Crypto exchanges with customer education resources foster confidence, increase customer satisfaction and boost customer engagement. Plus, it discourages customers from seeking help from outside sources which can misinform or harbor malicious intent.

Strategy #3: Deliver the best of both worlds

Great customer experience is a balance between people-first principles and technology. Crypto customers crave fast and friendly service on the go but they also want real people in emergencies. This requires you deploy automated customer experience solutions like chatbots that not only leverage natural language, but can quickly escalate to a live agent when needed.

Customers aren’t impressed with technology if it doesn’t give them the answers they need. An optimal mix of human and AI capabilities creates more efficiencies, accelerates speed-to-resolution and improves the overall experience.

Power the crypto revolution through authentic and human customer experience

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies offer an alternative to traditional payment processing and financial services models. An alternative seen by many as fairer and more equitable. In this context, brands need to focus their effort on keeping their customer experience human, real and seamless. When customers do business with your organization, strive to deliver the highest level of reliability, trust and authenticity.  

Stay tuned as we continue to deliver more customer experience insight on the future of crypto, NFT and Web 3.