Guillaume Laporte


Chief AI Officer

Guillaume Laporte serves as the Chief AI Officer at Foundever, responsible for defining AI strategy and working with cross-functional teams to ensure it aligns with the company’s overall mission. He is currently working to identify the organization’s AI goals, develop a roadmap for achieving those goals and allocate resources to AI initiatives.  

As an accomplished and dynamic tech entrepreneur, Guillaume specializes in conversational AI, SaaS and enterprise business and he continues to push the boundaries in AI and customer experience.  

Based in Barcelona and a native of Switzerland, Guillaume is a multilingual leader who brings a wealth of digital know-how and knowledge to Foundever. In 2016, he co-founded and led Mindsay, a conversational AI solution used to automate customer-facing processes. In 2022, Mindsay was acquired by Laiye, an AI-powered platform that creates a digital workforce intended to complement the human workforce in order to give companies a competitive edge. Following the acquisition, Guillaume served as General Manager of Chatbot International at Laiye, where he continued to build on his skill set of scaling AI SaaS prior to joining Foundever in 2023. 

In addition to his career in AI, he has experience in the hospitality and travel industry, having served as a Market Associate at Expedia Group and Sales Manager at Newrest.  

Guillaume has a background in Hospitality Management from EHL, the world-renowned hospitality school in Switzerland, and has completed a Startup Launch Pad program at the coding school Ecole42. Guillaume holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from leading European business school HEC Paris.