The future of work & employee experience

How CX Everywhere delivers benefits everywhere

In a business world where employee engagement is now a priority and customer expectations continue to challenge even the best-prepared brands, how can organizations build an approach to customer experience (CX) delivery that’s fit for the future?

In this whitepaper

Written in collaboration with Ryan Strategic Advisory, the leading independent source of actionable insight and analysis related to the global front-office BPO and customer experience sectors, this whitepaper examines:

  • How the employee experience will influence future customer experience success
  • If digital channels alone can meet all future professional training and development needs
  • The potential risks of moving to a 100% work from home CX delivery model
  • The security and data protection risks of abandoning physical offices and contact centers
  • The factors that will come together to decide the CX delivery model of the future

Read the whitepaper to uncover how:

  • To win the war for CX talent
    Organizations need to look beyond starting salaries and towards flexibility, professional development and company culture in order to attract and retain employees.
  • Business culture will decide future success
    It’s impossible to transform the way an organization operates unless those changes are underpinned by a business culture that actively removes silos and supports innovation and communication throughout the enterprise.
  • The role of the traditional contact center will change
    Even when employees can work remotely, the need for physical infrastructure will persist. Contact centers need to serve as employee engagement and training spaces where connections are strengthened and business culture disseminated.
  • A hybrid approach will become the future of CX delivery
    Whether in-house or outsourced, organizations need to develop a new CX delivery model that blends the benefits of remote working flexibility and business resilience with the added security and value reinforcement only physical offices can provide.

Download “The future of work & employee experience: How CX Everywhere delivers benefits everywhere”