Foundever™ location spotlight: Cairo, Egypt

As Foundever™ expands hubs across the globe in culturally rich Africa, we’re excited to share that we have a new location in Cairo for outsourcing in Egypt!

Aerial view of Cairo, Egypt

Published ·April 2, 2024

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Buzzing with a young, dynamic population and serving as a rich resource for tech and outsourcing industries, it’s safe to say Egypt is an ideal place for Foundever hubs. We’re happy to say we now have three locations in Egypt, each uniquely positioned to leverage the diverse strengths of the region.

In Cairo, we have two strategically placed hubs: one nestled in the serene and upscale neighborhood of New Maadi, and our newest addition in the bustling and vibrant City Stars complex, a landmark of urban sophistication and commercial activity. Moving south, we have another hub situated in the historic city of Luxor, offering a blend of rich cultural heritage and growing urban development.

These hubs represent our commitment to accessibility, innovation and integration in some of Egypt’s most pivotal locations. In this blog, we want to put the spotlight on our newest location in City Stars, Cairo, and detail the key benefits of rolling out hubs in Cairo. Let’s get to it!

See an overview of our Foundever hub in Cairo.

City Stars in Cairo: Convenience and connectivity  

The City Stars hub maintains our presence in Midtown and offers a competitive edge through superior amenities, benefits and seamless access to urban conveniences. Strategically located, our City Stars hub is a brief 20-kilometer journey from our established Maadi site and just 10 kilometers from the airport, making for an easy commute under 15 minutes. Public transport links are a stone’s throw away, operating around the clock for maximum accessibility, and parking is convenient for the mere 5% of our team who drive to work.

“Our new hub in Egypt, City Stars, emerges as a dynamic multilingual hub, primed for exponential growth in the years ahead. With a decade of transformative development and substantial government investment in language training, Egypt now boasts a highly proficient workforce fluent in multiple languages.

Our presence in Egypt reflects not just strategic foresight, but a firm belief in its ability to swiftly scale to meet escalating demand. I’ve witnessed firsthand Egypt’s unparalleled support for our U.S. and global clients. Beyond its linguistic prowess, Egypt offers an attractive blend of language skills and cost-effectiveness, making it the standout choice in the region. Moreover, the operational capacity and talent of Egypt’s management further solidify its position as a key player in our global strategy.”

—Benedita Miranda, General Manager of the Multilingual Region at Foundever

5 key highlights of Foundever hubs in Cairo

1. Cultural diversity

With a population of over 100 million people, Egypt is one of the most populous countries in the region and is known for its rich cultural heritage and diversity. And since the majority of Egyptians live in urban centers like Cairo and Alexandria, we strategically contribute to the ethnic tapestry of the country.

2. A mature market

Located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Cairo is highly accessible to the rest of the globe, with a proven track record of supporting Europe, North America and the Middle East. In addition to being accessible, Cairo offers:

  • Strong location: Birthplace of a great civilization, nurtured by the annual Nile River flood and natural protection of surrounding deserts.
  • Renowned offshoring capabilities: Recognized as a prime Mediterranean hub, Egypt is widely known for its offshoring capabilities and resilience in the global business landscape.
  • Outsourcing powerhouse: With a strategic location and skilled workforce, Egypt excels in outsourcing, drawing global businesses and fueling economic growth.
  • Established economy: Egypt is the second-largest economy in Africa and among the African giant’s top 10 largest economies on the continent.
  • Safety excellence: Egypt stands as a beacon of safety, as exemplified by Cairo’s commendable Safety Index score of 49.5
3. Hub of youthful, dynamic talent

Egypt has a young and dynamic population, making it a valuable resource for industries such as technology and one of the most in-demand outsourcing countries in the world. The country’s education system includes over 250 universities and institutes, producing a significant number of graduates each year. Many of these graduates specialize in fields like ICT, finance and accounting. The combination of young workforce and multilingual capabilities makes Egypt a competitive destination for tech and outsourcing.

4. Multilingual language support

Additionally, Egypt is a multilingual country, with Arabic as the official language and English widely spoken in urban areas. And with a large talent pool of university graduates, Cairo is a great option to provide cost-effective European language support. Multilingual language translation significantly increases interaction quality with customers and improves satisfaction.

Multilingual hubs offer multiple benefits for global brands seeking:

  • Consolidation: Reduces complexity in current language support centers
  • Consistency: Offers the same standards of quality in every language supported
  • Cost efficiency: Provides optimization for language operations
  • Scalability: Prepares brands to grow language support to respond to changing customer needs
5. Strong employee engagement

In addition to being a valuable strategic location for a hub, the office offers employees much more than simply a place to work. Since our belief at Foundever is the employee experience is the customer experience, we ensure each hub has the right design and space to offer creativity and connection. For example, at our new Cairo location, we offer:

  • Wellbeing initiatives: With on-site gym facilities, health and wellbeing programs, digital resources, and a global wellness community.
  • A hub to connect: Our hub is more than just a place to work. Employees can meet with team members and others for team-building, engagement and learning activities.
  • Engaging and collaborative spaces: Our spaces are strategically designed for specific day-to-day connection, with open spaces in social settings and inspiring artwork in productive areas.
  • Access to support when needed: Dedicated support teams to assist team members at key moments during the employee journey.
  • A place to learn and grow: Grow employee and community skills in on-site learning spaces with digital and facilitated courses for career and personal development.

Our commitment to convenience and connectivity is as steadfast as ever in Egypt, as Foundever was the first in Egypt to win Bronze in the ECCCSA for Best Customer Service in Europe. Additionally, Foundever is ISO9001 certified, proving commitment to providing top-notch support for the 9 million customer experiences delivered daily. We invite you to learn more about our locations around the world.