Data analytics for disruptors: Don’t let data be your disruptor

As your company grows, so does the amount of data flowing through it - and if you can’t treat it in time, you’ll soon lose your disruptive advantage.

data analytics for disruptors

Published ·July 6, 2023

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As your company grows, so does the amount of data flowing through it — and if you can’t treat it in time, you’ll soon lose your disruptive advantage. 

As a disruptive business, you probably have a handle on your data. It’s why you’re giving customers what they want, the way they want it, when they want it — but for how long? As your organization starts scaling to new heights, the volume of data and the places where it can be harvested and put to use are growing. 

A competitive advantage, but for how long?

Unlike the competition, you began with a clean slate. You’re not tied to legacy systems and your organization is too lean to have silos. But as you move forward this could start to change. Your existing customer relation channels will need reinforcement to deal with greater customer numbers and more channels will need to be added to the existing mix. With voice, email, live chat and social messaging all providing paths into your customer service, you’ll have a wealth of new data available for analysis.

The trust economy is here

Likewise, beyond your organization’s internal systems and processes, the buzz you’re creating in the marketplace is being echoed through user-generated content on social media, blogs and word of mouth. Customers are discussing and rating their experiences with your brand and comparing you with your competitors. If you can gather and analyze all of those interactions, can you imagine the kind of insight you can introduce into your business?  

But what happens when your capacity for processing and analyzing all of these actionable insights hits its limit? 

Don’t choose the wrong platform

Building a new platform, especially when you’re a fast-growth company that’s trying to do everything at once, can be a daunting task.  

The way we work and the way we work with data is changing all the time. It’s what has enabled your company to go from an idea to a threat to the establishment. But this constant evolution could leave you lagging behind the competition — unless you look to external experts who can do the heavy lifting, integration and future-proofing on your behalf. 

A future-proof partnership

With the right flexible and scalable analytics platform, you can combine structured data from direct digital touch points and unstructured data from social media and customer interactions with agents, including speech analytics. You can generate insights leading to better products, services and, ultimately, a better customer experience (CX). 

The right partner can also ensure that this data is merged and viewed from the consumer’s perspective so that as your business grows, you never lose sight of your customers and the steps you need to take to keep them at the heart of your organization. 

Make predictive analyses

But that’s just the beginning. With the right data in the right formats informing your business intelligence, you can begin to predict the future and take proactive steps to respond to customers because you’re anticipating their needs. What’s more, if these actionable insights are used to develop the right datasets, the right partner can help you apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to your systems, which will bring new efficiencies and an even clearer view of your customers and business. 

Disrupt the competition, not your customers

If your company is casting a shadow over the incumbent competition, it’s because for the moment at least you have a grip on your data. With Foundever as your partner we can tighten that grasp even as the amounts of data increase exponentially. We can also analyze and model this most valuable of business resources and, by drawing on over 40 years’ experience across multiple verticals, drill down deeper and deeper to tap the greatest customer insights. The ability to potentially predict what a customer wants and deliver it before that person asked for it, could leave your competition completely in the dark.

Embracing data analytics is just one of the five steps you can take now to continue your disruptive journey. To learn more, read our ebook “Disrupt the competition, not your customers and learn why a laser focus on CX is the ultimate disruptor.