Sparking creative empowerment in the workplace with artist Chris Page

As part of the Foundever™ global re-brand, new artwork hangs in each office

Published ·June 22, 2023

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Creating artful moments throughout Foundever offices  

Picture this: you walk into work first thing in the morning and are immediately greeted with vibrant, energizing phrases and fresh designs that boost you up and get you ready for the day. 

Promoting day-to-day inspiration in the workplace plays a huge role in unlocking the creativity and productivity of employees — there’s plenty of science that backs this up. That’s why at Foundever, we emphasize creating inspiring environments throughout our offices.  

And thanks to our collaboration with artist Chris Page, each of our Foundever offices does exactly that. Each space is now colored with vibrant, motivational artwork that inspires creativity and connection.  

As part of our global rebranding project, we brought in the U.K.-based artist to create a series of posters that express our core values and ethos of “Create connections. Value conversations.” The goal? To foster engaging, welcoming spaces that both employees and visitors can enjoy.  

About the posters and strategic design  

We wanted to accomplish four key things with the artwork:  

1. Express our new brand 

2. Provide a sense of destination; 

3. Create togetherness 

4. Celebrate people 

Using our key Foundever colors of indigo, midnight blue, coral, lemon and white, Chris used motivational typography and brand patterns to design multiple poster artworks that can layer to create a branded wall or scale to smaller framed moments throughout the space. This offers a lot of flexibility and consistency, ensuring the art covers each unique area in the office.  

While the posters all individually vary in design and typography, each of them was thoughtfully made to spark expression and joy through the use of bold colors and a dynamic 3D graphic design.  

“I enjoy the use of spatial thinking, using 3D designs and colors that pop out at you, so this was a fun project for me to bring that creativity to,” said Chris.  

Each one has its own positive message that mirrors our Foundever values, while also tying in our brand shapes and designs.  

Thomas Wallace, Workplace Design Lead at Foundever, played a chief role in working with Chris on the project to design art that could be tactically placed throughout different areas in the office.

“There is a story behind every message,” said Thomas. “Each one is strategically and appropriately placed throughout our offices for different moments in the workday. For example, we use more motivational messages in the training and recruitment areas to promote learning and growth, and some of the more playful messages are placed in areas of relaxation.”

About Chris Page

Ever since university, Chris discovered his passion for spatial thinking within his art — he enjoys playing with the dimensions and location of each object to combine 2D and 3D creations. From roles in interior design to creating pieces at pop-up shops and brands, Chris has worked in creating everything from sculptures to murals to lighting fixtures — further developing his creativity and passion for thinking outside the box. His mission is to merge his passions for brands and spatial, dynamic 3D artwork. Check out Chris’ work on his website.

Creating connections, valuing conversation

At Foundever, our goal is to foster a culture of innovation and self-expression. To do that, we give our associates the environment that inspires this kind of atmosphere.

Bringing in new designs to our offices further reinforces our transformational journey as a new brand, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to give our employees a fresh new environment to work and collaborate in!

Learn more about our culture and the Conversation at heART project on our dedicated webpage!