Social Media Privacy Notice

1. Purpose and Scope

This is the Social Media Privacy Notice (“Notice”) of Foundever™ or any of its parent, sibling, subsidiaries or affiliate companies, (“Foundever”, “We”, “Company”) in their role as Controllers. This Notice explains how we collect, use and store your Personal Data through the official social media channels operated by Foundever.

Foundever maintains publicly accessible profiles in several social media platforms. If you visit one of our Social Media Pages, your Personal Data is processed by both the social media operator and by Foundever. However, despite both Foundever and the social media operator being Data Controllers, we have no influence on the data processing activities conducted by the social media operator. For such details, you can refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the respective social media operator.

There are various data protection related processing activities triggered when you visit our Social Media Pages which may include:

When you log in to your social media account and visit us our Social Media Page, the social media operator can associate this visit with your user account. Your Personal Data can under certain circumstances be detected even if you are not logged in or do not possess an account with the social media operator. In such cases, this Personal Data can be acquired via cookies which are stored on your terminal device or by acquiring your IP address.

The social media operator may also use your profile and behavioral data to evaluate your habits, personal relationships, preferences, etc. which can be used for other purposes. In this regard, we have no influence on the processing of your Personal Data by the social media provider as it is determined by the social media operator’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The social media operator has the direct access to and control over your Personal Data posted on the Social Media Page and as such assumes the data protection obligations towards you as the user, including information on the data processing, security of your Personal Data and is the primary contact person should you wish to exercise your rights under applicable data protection law, make a query or raise a complaint.

2. Social Media Pages that we operate

Foundever operates on several Social Media Pages including but not limited to the following social media operators:

Foundever may also operate Social Media Pages in other countries where we do business. This is likewise covered by this Social Notice. 

4. Your Personal Data

3.1 What Personal Data do we process and why?

When you visit and interact with Foundever’s Social Media Pages, Foundever may collect, use, and store your Personal Data. We may use this Personal Data and other information we hold about you (for example through our social media, or your employment or ongoing relations with us) for the following purposes:

  • To establish or improve business relations.
  • To facilitate communication with you (where we have your consent to do so).
  • For public relations work and communication (information about events and activities).
  • Provide you with the services, products or information you requested.
  • In certain jurisdiction, receive your employment application. For information on processing of your Personal Data for recruitment and hiring purposes, see our Recruitment and Hiring Privacy Notice.
  • To help us improve our Social Media Pages and your experience of using them, for administration purposes and legal compliance.

3.2 How do we process your Personal Data on Social Media Pages operated by Foundever?

The information you enter on the social media networks, such as comments, photos, videos, reactions, public messages, are published by the respective social media network.

Foundever may monitor comments, questions, and other postings you make on the Social Media Pages to protect our interests, our employees, clients, partners and others against any prohibited activities or behavior by users of these pages which could be damaging to Foundever’s reputation and confidential information.   We however do not use any Personal Data, comments, posts, reactions published in the Social Media Pages for any other purposes.

As a matter of principle, we use the services of the social media channel without processing your Personal Data subject to certain exceptions, such as when you get in touch with us directly, for example, by leaving a comment or by sending us a message via the social media channel. 

We may also share your contents or posts on our Social Media Pages, provided that such functions are supported by the social media channel, and we communicate this to you.  

If you submit a request to us via a social media channel, we may refer you to other secure communication paths over which we have full control, including in terms of the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data. 

3.3 Do we share your Personal Data with third parties?

We only pass on Personal Data we receive via the Social Media Pages to third parties in accordance with Foundever’s Website Privacy Notice and this Social Media Privacy Notice.  Subject to local laws and regulations and where there is a need, we may share your Personal Data with third parties if required by law, necessary to enter a contract with you; where we have a legitimate interest in doing so; or to protect your vital interest or those of another person. 

For purposes stated above, we may also transmit your Personal Data to other entities of Foundever if it is necessary for the fulfillment of the said purposes.

3.4 How long do we keep your Personal Data?

Any Personal Data acquired by us via Social Media Pages is processed in accordance with our Data Retention Policy and Data Retention Schedule.

Foundever has no oversight over the duration for which your Personal Data is held by social network operators are stored for their own purposes and should you wish to exercise any of your rights under the applicable data protection laws, you need to contact the social media provider directly.

3.5 What are your rights with regard to the processing of your Personal Data?

Dependent upon where you are located and subject to certain exceptions set out in applicable privacy laws, you may have the right to receive information about your Personal Data, assert your rights to correction, deletion, transfer or restriction and object to the processing. You also have the right to lodge complaint with the relevant Supervisory Authority.

If you have provided your Personal Data based on consent, you can withdraw the consent at any time.

To exercise your rights concerning the processing of your Personal Data by the social media operator, please contact the corresponding operator.

For Personal Data that is collected, used, processed under Foundever’s control (i.e. for purposes of recruitment), you may contact our Data Protection Officer.

4. How to reach out?

If you have any questions about this Notice or how we handle your Personal Data, or if you wish to exercise your rights, including withdrawal of your consent, please contact Foundever’s Data Protection Officer at or write to us at 50/52 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France, Attention: Data Protection Officer. Please note, however, that certain Personal Data may be exempt from such access, correction, deletion requests pursuant to applicable data protection laws and regulations.

5. Updates to this Notice

We will update this Notice from time to time to reflect changes in our business.  You can always check and review our Notice for updates by visiting this page.