Social media care

Create a differentiated experience for your customers

Meet your customers on their preferred social media platform

Foundever Social Media Care connects your brand to an engagement hub where strategy, tools and expertise meet to deliver exceptional social media experiences for your brand.

We bring a dedicated team of experts with advanced social media skills to engage with your customers, offer support and build loyalty in a personalised and engaging way.


increased response rate


decreased average handling time


improved brand sentiment

How it works

Develop your social media care strategy

Identify gaps and develop a social media care strategy with a set of guidelines and operational standards.

Personalise your social media engagement

Engage with quick responses to your consumers, answering all their questions and concerns with clear guidelines, personas and your brand’s tone of voice.

Bring social media into the big picture

Blend social media expertise to your customer service operations ensuring all digital channels and touchpoints are covered with greater efficiency and lower operational costs.

Track your social media performance

Monitor and analyse social media interactions and gather real-time insights to make informed decisions that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“It has been a pleasure to work with you on this project. I have to say the collaboration was excellent, and you were fabulous in creating the connection with our team. Mutual transparency was key. We learned in the process, and the outcome was great. We are very happy with the result, and I’m speaking on behalf of our team. The feedback is fantastic for you guys, so thank you very much! ”

Sandra Azzi

CRC Manager – Nespresso Canada

Turn social media into an efficient & agile CX channel

Social media experts

Leverage our dedicated team of experts to supervise and manage your brand’s social media channels and deliver the care and support your consumers need.

Social media management platform

Manage conversations in real-time and analyse the performance of your customer care and social activity, all in one place.

Social selling

Identify and connect with potential customers, build relationships and ultimately drive sales on social media.

Crisis management

Provide interactive walkthroughs for your customers to understand all the components that make up the price of their bill.

Social media channels

Improve findability and usability with search engine optimised microsites and landing pages.

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