Customer experience for media companies

From playlists and movie premiers, to podcasts, linear programing and multiplayer games, media and entertainment customers have never had so much choice — and your brand has never had so much competition. When any entity that can educate, entertain or inform is now your direct competitor, the only way to keep connecting with your audience is with a CX for media companies that holds their attention.


expect personalisation as standard


would share their data for a better service


expect media brands to offer digital CX solutions


expect CX innovation from M&E brands

Entertaining new CX ideas to keep the audience engaged

Support for every stage of the customer journey

$3 trillion

The value of the media and entertainment industry by 2025

Give the audience what they want, but how do they want it?

In an industry overflowing with choice and channels, knowing how to connect with your customers is critical, as is keeping them entertained when they discover your brand. Even so, with more brands vying for attention, keeping hold of customers means keeping an eye on CX.

Can you create an environment that enhances enjoyment, where content and service feels personalised? Can you spot when a customer is thinking about changing channels and take the right steps to keep them loyal?

How we help
  • Understand customer personas, dissatisfaction signs and take proactive steps
  • Recuperate monies owed without denting brand perception or reputation
  • Community and content moderation that reflects your individual brand and customers

Entertainment in moderation


of gamers have either experienced or witnessed emotional abuse or bullying while playing online

Create the best gaming experiences that are safer and more secure

Online gaming is now part of everyday life, and you have a responsibility to keep customers safe. But beyond gaming and communities, all customer connections across channels need to reinforce a positive CX that will protect brand image.

Activities like commenting, posting or in-game chat present a very real risk for social engineering and attempts to defraud. With the right blend of human and technological content moderation and fraud detection, you can take action and keep hold of your audience.

How we help
  • Community and content moderation that reflects your individual brand and customers
  • Social media management that turns the learning networks into part of your CX delivery
  • AI and analytics-powered social engineering and fraud prevention to spot bad actors in real time

Related Certifications

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27002:2013
SOC Type 1 and SOC Type 2

Access the people and technology to deliver effortless CX

The face of the media and entertainment industry is changing. Your customers are no longer passively consuming content — they’re active participants who need a new level of service and understanding. And when there is so much choice and increasing competition, Foundever™ can help you deliver a CX that makes and maintains a connection with your customers.


associates across the globe




customer experiences delivered daily


brands count on our expertise

Transform your CX with Foundever™

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Types of services or lines of business

Customer service

  • Account billing and inquiry
  • Inbound and outbound phone
  • Complaint/issue resolution
  • Email and chat support
  • Product activation and registration
  • Acquisition
  • Activation and onboarding
  • Sales
  • Subscriptions
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Winback/save retention
  • Billing
  • Customer surveys
  • Technical support