Customer experience management in healthcare

Your healthcare consumers want experiences that are simpler, more coordinated and more empathetic, with personalised, convenient services. Given these growing demands, it’s vital to use omnichannel solutions to provide an excellent in-person and digital CX for healthcare in line with your cost and operational goals while also building brand loyalty.


of consumers would switch healthcare providers because of a bad experience*



expect to manage appointments and renew meds online*



of consumers are ready to leave a company because of a poor CX


use 3+ channels to communicate with companies

Ensure scalable support for efficient member and patient experiences

Access a global network of healthcare expertise


of people report being directly affected by worker shortages in healthcare (Axios)

The best people, processes and technology for better healthcare outcomes

We help payers, providers, administrators, pharmaceutical providers, medical device providers and health-tech companies support members, patients and consumers across channels.

Our global network of on-site and virtual agents is ready to onboard teams of any size without disrupting service. Access thousands of licensed and unlicensed healthcare agents who become experts in your specific processes and policies, following regulations and requirements within your locations.

How we help

  • Customised solutions to meet seasonal demands and fast ramping
  • Global hybrid work environments provide access to greater talent pools with the skills needed to support healthcare consumers
  • Self-service and automation capabilities increase efficiencies and allow the best support outcomes for members and patients

Rapidly evolving consumer preferences and behaviors


of consumers would pay more for a better CX

A member- and patient-centric CX driven by data and technology

Data and analytics can provide access to deep insights that will help with understanding consumer behaviors and preferences. These insights will dictate where to focus initial efforts for the greatest positive impact.

Turn your data warehouse into a CX powerhouse by using analytics to connect consumer interactions across touchpoints. Reveal their true experience and identify opportunities to reduce customer effort and improve CX.

How we help

  • Analytics for better operations and access to insights for an excellent CX
  • Voice of the customer expertise to understand healthcare consumers across channels
  • Understanding customer trends, sentiment and data points driving customer behavior

Digital customer experience transformation


of consumers reported using telehealth (McKinsey)

Digital customer engagement should be a strategic priority

Many healthcare companies already consider omnichannel and digital customer engagement a strategic priority, but they lack the ability to deliver this transformation of CX because of siloed data, old and on-premise technology, regulations, audits, reporting and sanctions.

We can help you take steps now to offer your consumers the best CX by understanding how to execute on automation.

How we help

  • Best-in-class, innovative, digital CX solutions
  • Digital-first expertise with designing and delivering a roadmap for technology adoption
  • Integrating voice and non-voice channels, with a focus on ensuring an effortless journey for consumers

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Providing greater value in healthcare for better outcomes

Whether you’re in a public or private healthcare environment, we understand the extreme importance of protecting medical data and adhering to healthcare regulations. Our globally recognised security framework actively identifies threats and works with you to protect company, member, patient and consumer information.

Fortune 10

healthcare and health-tech companies rely on us

HIPAA-compliant and PCI-certified

platform for a flexible workforce


licensed and unlicensed healthcare agents


customer experiences delivered daily

Supporting the new healthcare landscape

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Types of services or lines of business

Healthcare plans

  • Eligibility, enrollment and plan benefits
  • Claims inquiries
  • Self-service and website support

Healthcare delivery

  • Prescription drug assistance
  • Mail-order Rx support
  • Admissions
  • Scheduling
  • Referrals
  • Billing and payments
  • Help desk
  • Communications pre- and post-discharge

Medical devices and products

  • Product features and use
  • Clinical advice/guidance
  • Returns and repairs
  • Warranty information
  • Product recalls
  • Accounts receivables management

Health and wellness management

  • Lifestyle and wellness coaching
  • Healthcare system navigation
  • Chronic disease management
  • Vaccination records
  • Palliative care
  • Telehealth