Customer experience for the technology industry

Keeping up with the evolutionary speed of the technology industry is one of the main risks that customer experience faces. As a tech brand, you need to move quickly to ensure that your CX exceeds expectations. But how do you know if you’re hitting the mark? With our approach to data management and capturing customer insights to deliver personalisation at scale, we can help you transform your CX.

Support that keeps your brand and customers ahead of the technology curve


of tech companies believe they’re meeting CX expectations


value experiences over products or services


of customers use +3 CX channels

Humanising the tech industry

CX is as important as new products and services

Only 6%

of tech customers say CX plays no part in their decision-making

Too often technology companies aren’t innovating, or even iterating, their levels of customer experience at the same rate at which they’re launching products and services.

This is a serious oversight as for a large majority of consumers, the quality of CX is as important as the products and services themselves in their purchase decision.

How we help
  • A digital-first approach to CX design ensures a real ROI
  • Omnichannel CX that’s consistent and drives customer satisfaction
  • Combine the right voice and non-voice capabilities for a truly human-centric experience

Technical expertise — embracing disruption


of tech business leaders agree that agents play a vital role in customer retention

Even when the technology industry is accustomed to high turnover, the talent shortage has become the highest risk of technology adoption.

With investment in emerging technologies skyrocketing, there’s increased demand for qualified tech support agents.

How we help
  • Delivering fast, effective omnichannel resolution with tier 1 and tier 2 tech support
  • Providing the technical mastery, soft-skill foundation to develop a solid team of experts and ambassadors for your brand
  • Technology industry expertise in understanding and prioritising the experiences that drive customer loyalty and satisfaction

Creating an environment of trust


are concerned about how companies use their data

Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal of any organisation. But without trust, consumers are not prepared to make a long-term commitment to a company, particularly within the technology space.

Moreover, it takes trust to hand over personal data which, in turn, is essential to creating a personalised CX. Customers rely on your brand to provide privacy and data security that delivers peace of mind with every contact.

How we help
  • Highly trained and certified staff, prioritising your data security and risk management
  • AI-based technology to predict critical situations and prevent social fraud
  • Secure, cloud-based contact centre solutions providing the most robust framework — ISO 27001 certified

Related Certifications

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27002:2013
SOC Type 1 and SOC Type 2

Your partner for best-in-class technology customer experience

Empower your CX strategy with digital-first solutions powered by the human touch. Boost revenue and customer retention with agents who handle everything from troubleshooting wiring issues to facilitating a seamless shopping experience with expert insights and deep product knowledge.


tech brands count on us


associates dedicated to your industry

+60 NPS

banking and financial services customers


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Types of services or lines of business

Customer care

  • Customer inquiries and onboarding
  • Escalations
  • Pre-sales to post-sales

Customer journey support

  • Sales and channel partner support
  • Data-driven marketing solutions
  • Self-help and knowledge base curation
  • Social listening and content moderation
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

Technical support

  • Tier 1: Basic troubleshooting and help desk
  • Tier 2: Complex escalations and case management
  • Tier 3: Large-scale enterprise issues
  • Tier 4: Product testing, lab services and solution design

B2B technology

  • Data-driven marketing solutions
  • Sales and channel partner support
  • Back-office operations
  • Customer support
  • Self-help and knowledge base curation
  • Social listening and content moderation
  • Technical support
  • Case management
  • Network monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Implementation support
  • Engineering support
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting
  • AI and automation

B2C technology

  • Sales support
  • Marketing and customer acquisition
  • Customer support
  • Self-service
  • Technical support
  • Product support
  • Activation and support
  • Live troubleshooting
  • Product logistics
  • Inventory tracking