Metaverse as a CX channel

Immersive experience for deeper connections

Build your new brand world on a foundation of experience

As a highly immersive and interactive environment, the metaverse has the potential to become a new customer experience (CX) channel where brands can deliver differentiating services and experiences. Many brands are already using the metaverse as a CX channel to expand their digital footprint and develop deeper relationships to increase customer loyalty and generate new revenue streams.


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“The immersive worlds provided by metaverses are intended to improve the online experiences of people. A virtual world offers an immersive user interface into the emerging online social and commerce activities. For that reason, CX focus puts companies like Foundever™ at the front lines, with opportunities to leverage their transformational experience, digital expertise and CX capabilities into the Web3 ecosystem.”

Ron Exler

Principal Analyst with the ISG Provider Lens™ (IPL) service

How it works

Define your metaverse strategy

Whether your goal is to build brand loyalty, reach new customers or simply provide a unique experience, our experts can help you define your metaverse strategy and design and develop highly immersive brand experiences that will ensure the support, protection and engagement of your customers.

Build environments for engagement

Develop customised and engaging metaverse environments which bring a new layer of experience to your brand with immersive gamification strategies to engage and reward your customers.

Deliver an immersive omnichannel CX

Whether supporting metaverse customers within the environment or in traditional CX channels, ensure your CX strategy is ready to meet future needs – from onboarding customers to the metaverse, offering technical support or engaging your brand community.

Scale as your audience grows

Respond to growing customer needs in an emerging market with scalable support services in multiple languages, ready-trained to support Web3, metaverse and Crypto services with digital fluency.

Ensure trust & safety in the metaverse

Protect your brand and your customers with content moderation and trust and safety solutions designed to support immersive metaverse experiences – from identity verification, live moderation in the metaverse, removal of mal-intentioned users and payment & transaction support.

Why Foundever™

In-house Web3 and metaverse expertise

Combining the dedicated team at Foundever of Web3 and metaverse experts with the capabilities of our multimedia and 3D studio, with expertise in many metaverse-related tools, ensures we support you to design highly immersive experiences to address your specific objectives and deliver meaningful results.

An ecosystem of partners

Foundever has a network of leading CX and Web3 partners which deliver access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise, ready to support you at every stage of your metaverse journey – from defining your metaverse CX journey, to selecting, building and supporting an immersive environment fit for your brand.

Proven leader in CX

Brands that succeed in the metaverse will do so by focusing on the experience first, rather than the technology. With more than 40 years of experience delivering customer experiences that make the difference for the world’s leading brands, we understand how to deliver omnichannel CX strategies that engage and delight.

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