Knowledge management

Deliver the right information to your agents and customers, faster

Streamline your knowledge management

Foundever Knowledge Management empowers you with access to accurate and consistent answers faster, reducing time to resolution and improving the customer experience.

Structure your organisation’s support information into reliable content that simultaneously simplifies agent search queries and promotes resolution for your customers.


improved response quality


reduced error rate


increased productivity

How it works

Empower agents with a knowledge base

Supply your agents with the timely knowledge they need to maintain on-point conversations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Help your customers help themselves

Make your knowledge base available to customers through self-service portals, FAQs or a support website. Increase CSAT and decrease call volumes by offering an effortless self-serve experience with your brand.

Collaborate and share knowledge across any channel

Allow agents to contribute to the knowledge base ensuring that content is always relevant and accurate for the entire team. Easily share knowledge with your customers through any channel or device.

Find relevant knowledge with the help of AI

Use AI and machine learning to provide fast and accurate responses to your agents and customers, eliminating the need for prolonged searches and wait times.

Reduce operational costs and agents’ training time

Get your agents up to speed quickly with onboarding content that includes training and access to all the relevant information required to cater to your customers.

Create, organise and share content easily

Improve agents’ decision-making ability and ensure faster resolution with instant and easy-to-access information in a single trusted source.

Knowledge audit and strategic alignment

Our experts help you map your brand’s internal knowledge — FAQs, agent scripts and processes, chatbots, self-service portals, websites and other sources.

Multilingual and multichannel support

Make your knowledge articles readily available across any channel device – and in any language.

Integrate with your existing systems

Connect your knowledge base with your case management, chat, CRM and other applications to reduce agent effort and ensure consistent delivery of responses.

Advanced analytics and insights

Monitor knowledge usage, resolution performance, and any content gaps in your knowledge repository for continuous improvement.

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Discover how our Knowledge Management solution can help your customers and agents find the answers they need.


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