Case management

Orchestrate & resolve support cases quicker – and in one place

Drive efficiency, cost control and satisfaction

The Foundever Case Management platform enables agents to provide fast and effective support while staying connected to all case activity, including access to relevant information and answers.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your technology eco system, driving agent efficiency and bringing the best of breed in case management to your operations.


productivity gain


reduced cost


backlog reduction

How it works

Advanced Analytics is the data controller that applies business machine learning to business workflow, integrating vast amounts of data to provide key insights as per the business needs. It also focuses on cleaning, preparing the data and generating it up, making it useful for operations teams to take action on it to enhance business strategies throughout the organization.

Assign cases automatically to the right agent

Distribute support cases to agents with the right skills, respond quickly with canned responses, and follow up on unresolved cases.

Handle cases efficiently with full context

Connect and integrate with different systems to provide your agents with all the context they need to make informed decisions and resolve cases quicker.

Steer operations with end-to-end oversight

Allow managers to take full control of their backlog with monitoring and reporting capabilities that ensure efficient agent supervision in compliance with SLAs.

Decrease effort with workflow automation

Reduce complexity by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks through intelligent automation, laying the foundation for customer service at scale.

“Through workflow automation and native dashboard capabilities, Foundever enabled us to optimise our back office, boosting productivity, collaboration and communication, while significantly reducing expenses. The tool is particularly easy to use and operational right away, for an almost immediate ROI.”

Thibault Constans

Director of Customer Experience – Sogetrel

Designed by operations and for operations

Omnichannel case management

Bring all your communication channels into one environment, allowing you to track, monitor, and resolve cases through one unified platform.

Back-office support

Integrate your support cases from different systems to streamline task handovers, handling time, information retrieval and case resolution.

Intelligent routing

Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that calls and messages are delivered in a timely and reliable manner.

Integration & Automation

Remove bottlenecks, speed up legacy architecture interactions, and untangle information networks to create the environment for a fast, accurate single source of truth.

Professional services

Work with our teams of experts to deploy a fully integrated platform that is adjusted to your specific needs and is easy to use.

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