A New Chapter for the Sitel UK and Beko Partnership

Having been in partnership with Beko since April 2008, the celebrations last week marked the start of a new chapter for both companies. The initial Beko operation started at our Stratford-upon-Avon site, with a team of just over 6 agents in Shared Services and under 150 calls taken on the first day!

Published ·July 8, 2019

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Fast-forward to 2019 and the team is 80+ strong and successfully handling over 1000 calls and 250 emails a day. We have relocated the team to a larger space and, in partnership with Beko, continued the Beko Brand and Brand Values.

With a complete refresh the team can enjoy a truly Beko experience. Appliances have been positioned near to the working space and in the break-out room. This is a huge benefit as the whole team are now able to familiarise themselves with Beko Products, thus strengthening their knowledge and expertise when dealing with customer queries.

Following on from the opening and ribbon cutting, our partners at Beko shared their thoughts on this new chapter…

“Today is a really important day. Over my time here we’ve seen a lot of changes in terms of the people and also in terms of the way we are working. I couldn’t be more proud of both the people who have been with us a long time, as well as those who have joined us most recently. Today is really the start of a bigger journey for us” – Christopher Woollard, Customer Service Manager UK & ROI.

The remainder of the day was filled with training workshops and activities run by Beko. Both the  Sitel and Beko Management  teams  got really involved with they day’s customer service, through walking management and live call listening. A great end to the day, with prize giveaways and the presentation of the first ‘Business Representative Employee’ of the month awards.

This collaboration between Sitel and Beko is a great example of a successful outsourcing partnership. Providing the right solution for a brand is just one element of this and our partnership illustrates the importance of working together to provide not only a great customer experience, but also a great employee experience. Beko have worked hard to understand what inspires our associates and have collaborated with us to create brand champions and a new state of the art working area in which for them to work. As a result they will be able to provide the best experience for our customers.