Simon Hunt


Global Head of Employee Experience

Simon Hunt serves as Global Head of Employee Experience for Foundever where he leads a team dedicated to improving the employee experience. This team is responsible for looking at the data, technology, venues, environments and processes that create our employee experience, improving them for the many challenges ahead and working closely with all levels of the organization. Prior to holding this role, most recently Simon was VP, Products & Innovation for EMEA where he was responsible for product strategy and innovation for our EMEA and global regions. Simon has over 20 years’ experience in customer experience (CX), 10 years in BPO and 13 years in Financial Services as he was responsible for Customer Strategy for Health Wealth and Insurance Provider ManuLife as well as previously the head of telephony sales for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group 

He has worked as a senior leader on three continents, with more than 28 large companies, delivering transformational change, with digital, customer-centric strategies. He is committed to delivering innovation that is novel, useful and profitable by focusing on the existing client base and new logos and building on successes to date and continuing to define where we need to innovate and grow.